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Biking to Catching Fire

I decided to bike over to meet with Steph, Nick, and Andrew at the AMC 20.  It was about a 1.5 hour bike ride, and since half of the trail was unpaved, it took me a bit longer than I thought it would.  I had a really great time on the ride since I was listening to audiobooks and the weather was perfect.  I should bike without a backpack more often.  I got there just in time, and the theater wasn’t that packed so we got pretty good seats.

I thought the movie pacing was both too fast and too slow.  There were parts that didn’t seem to give it any good story, but increased the drama that I could have done without.  There were also lots of scenes that were there just to be flashy, which was nice on the big screen, but made some of the more important points from the book not make it in.  I haven’ t read the books, but I listened to some of the comments about the choice of what went in and what didn’t and I was surprised a good bit.  I am going to have to read the books now.

Morning Workouts with Michael

I’m probably not going to post every single time I have a workout with Michael, and in this post I’ll cover 2.  Yesterday we went for a long bike ride to Steph’s work and back.  She left her phone at my place, so I thought I’d deliver it as well as get some exercise.  Michael and I took the long way around on the way there, and went through a lot of chopped granite while we were at it.  My hands were hurting by the end of it from all the vibration.  We chose the much nicer paved routes on the way back, as going through all that chopped granite again wasn’t something we were looking forward to.  We got to take some trails I hadn’t been on before, like the ones around Palo Alto airport.  There is a little raised ridge that goes along there, where you have to watch for planes as they take off and land.

This morning we went to Reach and had a good time of it.  I was still hurting from Monday, so I didn’t perform as well as would be liked.  I am glad I’m doing these exercised and will have to keep them up.  It hurts so much, but feels really good at the same time.

Sunday Morning at the Farmer’s Market

I biked over to the farmer’s market on California Ave this Sunday.  HODO Soy wasn’t there again, and their spot was taken by a crepes stand.  It makes me wonder if they will be coming back to the farmer’s market or if they called it quits.  I decided to grab some bolani, got Steph some more of the yogurt she likes, and had a lamb curry wrap for brunch.  The ride was very nice, even though it was a little cool out.

Bike Ride with Michael

Michael and I went to Shoreline Lake on a nice bike ride.  We then went to downtown Mountain View and met up with Nima.  We went to a beer garden and had some tasty french fries.  We all had some good conversations and waited for Steph and Caryn to be ready to meet us for dinner.  We went to Shezan and got some really tasty food.  Steph and I then left for other parties.

Morning Bike Ride

This morning I set out for a long morning bike ride and it turned into a long early afternoon walk when I got a flat and had to walk the bike to the closest bike shop for a repair. The start of the ride was really nice and I went to shoreline lake. There I talked to my parents. They have had a very exciting week with my dad getting and signing an offer from Emory and then having their offer on a house they like accepted. It will be great to see them at Christmas in their new house. After that I went to downtown Mountain View via the Stevens Creak Trail. I was hoping to get some tea but the tea shop isn’t open Mondays. When I got back to my bike I noticed a flat tire. I’ve gotten into the habit of not carrying my repair tools with me, just the air pump. The flat I ended up getting wasn’t the slow leak that a pump will help with. After about a 45 min walk I got to the bike shop and got it fixed. Then decided to grab a late lunch at The Counter.  After a quick stop by Milk Pail Market I rode back home.  I am very tired and most of the day is now gone.  I still enjoyed the ride.

Bike Ride to Cal Ave Farmer’s Market

This morning Steph and I had a great bike ride over the farmer’s market on California Avenue.  It was a really sunny morning and I rushed out without putting any sunscreen on.  Luckily I only got minor burns that don’t sting, but I can tell that a hot shower will make them unpleasant.  I got a lamb curry naan wrap and it was delicious.  I decided to try out the samosas at the place that does the naan wraps this time, and they weren’t nearly as good.  I’ll probably go back to get the samosas at the smaller stand.  Steph got a good supply of bolani, and I got some of the tofu.  Steph also got some really high quality yogurt, that is absolutely delicious.

San Antonio Shopping Center Run

On Friday I biked over to the San Antonio Shopping Center to get the boots for motorcycle riding class.  I was able to get some cheap ones that were comfortable, along with a new set of sneakers.  The old set of sneakers were falling apart and I could start to see my socks through the holes in the top of the shoe.  They lasted a long time for $15 used shoes.

I met up with Steph outside of Milk Pail and we went inside for some tasty foods.  We went back to my place after that and had some dinner of cheese and crackers with fruit.

Fixing the Wall

Friday afternoon I took a long bike ride to go fix the wall when I removed the mirrors.  I found out that paint matching is a tough process, since you can’t bring the wall to the store very easily, and bringing samples to the wall doesn’t work very well.  There are just too many samples to bring them all reasonably.  I got lucky in that I was fixing a wall that I had ripped a few pieces out of, so I just took the wall pieces for matching.  It was hard to find a really good match even with the wall piece there, but I got one that was really close.  I went back and painted over the spots that I had already spackled over.  Then I biked back to my place.  The whole trip to nearly 3 hours and I had biked at least 25 miles on the trip at a good pace.  I think I am finished with the things I need to do at 906, unless I want to go back for the Olives next week.  It seems like it would be nice, but it would be a good chunk of time that I just don’t have right now.

Umami and Japanese Candy with Steph

Sunday night Steph and I took a bike ride to Stanford.  We saw the horses there and Steph petted a few of them.  After that we went to Palo Alto and stopped by Rocket Fizz.  I got some of the cream filled caramels that I like.  I was able to get all the bottle caps from them, and it will go well with the other ones in my collection. I’m just about ready to make the table with them, and I expect it to be a nice table.  I’m most likely going to do a rainbow pattern or random pattern.  I had considered making it into a compilation, somewhat like pixel art, but that didn’t appeal to me too much.

We had dinner at Umami and it was really tasty.  I got the Greenbird over fries and gravy.  We got the fried pickles, which were surprisingly bad.  I normally like fried pickles, but these were too much pickle and too little fried.  Steph got the beat salad, and we shared some truffle fries.

After Umami we biked back to my place and Steph made some japanese candy that she found at Rocket Fizz.  The candy was for a tiny japanese pizza, but it wasn’t the normal kind of japanese candy that actually tastes like the item.  This tasted like sugar covered toffee, and not great toffee at that.  Steph still enjoyed it despite the difficulty in eating it.

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