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LA Weekend

Steph took the day off on Thursday and we hung around the house as well as getting a few new plants for the garden.  That evening we joined the others (Lindsay, Debby, Andrew, Kevin) for our flight to LA for the weekend.

We got in a little later than scheduled and checked into a pretty nice Airbnb while Andrew and Debby went to Jen’s place.

The next morning we all met up at Grand Central Market.  Steph and I got some delicious avocado toast, that also had a nice cheese and some cherry tomatoes.  Steph got a grilled cheese sandwich that was pretty tasty as well.  We grabbed our coffees and headed over to The Broad museum.  We were pretty far back in line, but among the first to get callback times for the special exhibit, an infinity room with lights.  It was pretty spectacular.

After The Broad we went to Pizzeria Mozza.  This was a place we had seen on Youtube and Netflix shows and really wanted to try.  It was pretty good, and I think Debby’s breakfast pizza was the best.  After a short rest at the Airbnb we went to Korea Town.  On the way everyone else got mani pedis, while I talked to my parents.  We also stopped by a mall and did a little karaoke while we waited.  We had reservations at a Korean BBQ place, and all ate way too much.  Our clothes also smelled strongly of the meat smoke and had to be quarantined.

The next day we had breakfast again at Grand Central Market, then headed to the next Airbnb in Santa Monica.  We got in a little early so we got some Impossible Burgers at Umami burger.  We ate them in the Airbnb while Debby and Andrew came over.  The burgers weren’t bad, but also not good.  I was pretty tired so I took a one hour nap while the others headed to the beach.

They didn’t spend long there, and we met up on 3rd to do some light shopping before heading to dinner.  We went to an okonomiyaki place and it was delicious.

After dinner we wandered around and got some tasty bread pudding.

Sunday we split up after brunch, some going to the beach again, some going to a VR Star Wars experience.

Steph had to head to the airport for her flight to china, so she didn’t get to participate.  Also we met up with Grant there.  Grant got recognized by one of the people who worked there, and was thanked for his work on Star Wars.

Jen showed me her bunnies, as we stopped by her place to grab Debby and Andrew’s things.

Time with Steph

I’ve enjoyed having Steph back and we’ve gotten to do some nice things together.  We went to the Mayfield holiday party, she made me some tasty tasty ramen, and we tried a restaurant from some of the recommendations she tracks, Pausa.


We had Shabu Shabu with Kevin, Lindsay, Debby, and Andrew.  We were late because I chose poorly on my way to get there, and there was a ton of traffic.  The food was pretty good.  Steph and I did some trades for the things we liked more, and the others got the giant plates of meat.  To be fair Andrew got the giant plate, and the others got the big plates of meat.  They were going to se ‘It’ afterwards, but Stephanie and I decided we would rather go home and watch The Defenders.  Debby got some red noses for them to wear to the movie, but Kevin declined from what I hear.


Lunch with the Lees

Stephanie and I had lunch with her parents on Saturday, which was nice.  We went to a small place called Lyfe Kitchen in downtown Palo Alto.  This was a nice place with reasonable prices.  The food was tasty and healthy.  The Lees seemed like they were in decent health and happy.

Before lunch we stopped by the chocolate garage.  It was nice to be back, and we finished off the prepaid amount I had put in.  We have a lot of chocolate to make it through now, so we’ll have to find people to share them with.

After Lunch we stopped by home and milk pail, then went to San Carlos for some truffle oil at Olive Crush.  We ended up also getting brined olives and garlic.  They were tastier than any olives I’ve had before, and even Steph liked the olives.  The brined garlic was amazing.  We then stopped by the Redwood Coast Cidery, and had some amazing cider.  Stephanie was nice enough to drive so I could have more than one.  I started out with the Biker’s and then got a KLR.  Both very tasty.

Dinner with the Lee’s

Stephanie and I joined her parents for dinner on Monday in San Carlos.  The San Carlos area is really nice, and I enjoyed the dinner.  We went to the French restaurant, Cuisinett.  The food and service were fantastic.  I got the duck salad, which was made perfectly.  I really enjoy a well cooked duck, and the salad was very fresh tasting.

Brunch, MTG, and Shabuway

Steph had a seminar this past weekend so I had some time for a guys day.  I biked over to Andrew’s place, and took a wrong turn onto Lawrence, making me about 30 minutes late.  I was still there before many of the others.  Brunch was fantastic, with some tasty pancakes from Lindsay, some eggs surrounded by sausage from Adam, and an assortment of other tasty treats from Andrew and Debby.  I brought some nice croissants, and made some of the cheese filled crescent rolls that Steph likes.

After brunch some of Andrew’s workmates joined for a draft, and it was nice to do a 6 person draft instead of the 4 person ones we normally do.  I lost some and won some.  I had a really fun deck, that only needed a few more act of treasons to round it out.  In the entire card pool there was only one copy, despite it being common, and I still got that one.  I had a red/black steal and sack deck.  There was one guy who somehow drafted a mill deck, and he ended up beating a lot of us pretty soundly.

After the MTG we went to Shabuway for dinner where Steph joined us.  I had so many enoki mushrooms and it was gloriously delicious.

Andrew’s and Haru’s Birthday

We went to Alexander’s for dinner on Andrew and Haru’s birthday.  We had a delicious dinner, with some amazing hamachi shots beforehand.  I struggled with the diet Stephanie and I are starting, but the steak was delicious enough to keep me going.

Dinner with the Lees

On Friday Steph and I went to dinner with her parents, at Burma Ruby.  The food was great but the noise level in the place was way to loud.  Afterwards we went by the beam store and her parents were pretty impressed by the beams there.  I think they really liked seeing something that Steph had been working on up and around.  There was an actual product she could show off after a ton of work and headaches.  We also told them about us moving in together, and I think they took it well.  They were concerned about certain parts, but we have most of their concerns covered.

Dinner with Nick

I met Nick for dinner Friday last week, and we got some Thai food.  I had a nice curry, and he got something that seemed fermented and had a good bit of shrimp paste.  I liked the first taste, but the aftertaste didn’t appeal to me.  We went back to his work afterwards and hung out for a bit while I waited on the next train.  He was trying to set up an automated plug, but the network was too complicated.  I made a 5 sided lego structure, and it worked surprisingly well.

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