Friday afternoon I took a long bike ride to go fix the wall when I removed the mirrors.  I found out that paint matching is a tough process, since you can’t bring the wall to the store very easily, and bringing samples to the wall doesn’t work very well.  There are just too many samples to bring them all reasonably.  I got lucky in that I was fixing a wall that I had ripped a few pieces out of, so I just took the wall pieces for matching.  It was hard to find a really good match even with the wall piece there, but I got one that was really close.  I went back and painted over the spots that I had already spackled over.  Then I biked back to my place.  The whole trip to nearly 3 hours and I had biked at least 25 miles on the trip at a good pace.  I think I am finished with the things I need to do at 906, unless I want to go back for the Olives next week.  It seems like it would be nice, but it would be a good chunk of time that I just don’t have right now.