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Escaped The Forsaken Temple

Debby, Andrew, George, Steph, and myself escaped the Forsaken Temple at the new Omescape location in Sunnyvale.  It was a very well done room.  I was annoyed that the Go board they used in one puzzle had nothing to do with the actual game of Go.


We got what I’ll call third place as the first and second places are probably the same group double entered.

We tried to go to the Indian Street Cafe, but it seemed they had been evicted.  Instead we went to Merit and had a tasty dinner there.

Tzolk’in Mastered

I feel like I’ve finally figured out the master strategy for Tzolk’in.  Adam and I were playing a two player round of it at George’s on Wednesday and I got a score of 150.  That is the highest I’ve gotten by far, but I did break 100 doing the same strategy before.  The plan is to get as many workers as quickly as possible, and then figure out how to feed them.  The investment in workers is definitely worth it.  Adam had a bad game and only got a score of 53.

20191002_220130 (1).jpg

Omescape: Joker’s Asylem Escape Room


We met Riley and Rong at Omescape and jumped into the Joker’s Asylem escape room. George showed up a little late, which was good. The room really required 5 people to complete, as at one point all 5 needed to be doing something simultaneously.
Afterwards Steph headed off to play some Betrayal Legacy while the rest of us went to a bit of coffee and brunch. Riley and Rong decided they needed a real meal and went to some Korean BBQ, while George and I went back to his place and played some Smash.

Betrayal Legacy

I had a good time with Betrayal Legacy last night at George’s.  We had five people playing including George, Adam, Yutong, Paul, and myself.  Steph and Tina watched each other play.  This was a lot of fun, and the first two sessions went pretty well.  They were all really close and I ended up with the house deed both times.  I wasn’t able to get any heirlooms and most of the others did, so we are on a pretty even playing field overall.  I look forward to playing it some more.

Poker at Lost Colony

Andrew and Debby hosted a pretty big poker tournament at their place.  It was a total of 21 people and the ultimate winner was Leyan.  I wasn’t the first one out, which was my goal in the tournament, but I was second out.  I ended up buying back in and losing again.  I had a good time and did a lot of reading while the others were playing.  As people were knocked out I would get to chat with them.  Eventually a cash game started, but I didn’t join in.

Global Game Jam 2019

I participated in the 2019 Global Game Jam at the Oculus HQ location.  I had a great time and mad a fun game, Hermit Crab Simulator.  The game turned out pretty well, and we had it working great on the Oculus Go, as well as a web portal for anyone that wants to just try it out on web.  I got to talk to some of the Oculus group, and worked with some pretty good devs.  They weren’t experienced in Unity or VR, so it took a little bit to get them really going.  They all contributed meaningful work, which was great.  I was especially happy with the Audio work from Niko.  He did an amazing job on the game music, which is worth a listen on its own.  Here is the link to the global game jam page.

MTG Commander

I joined Andrew, Adam, and Kevin at Lost Colony for a game of EDH Commander.  It was a lot of fun for the most part, but I had a deck that wasn’t very fun to play against.  I was playing a mill deck that quickly got out of control.  In most of the games the others teamed up on me to get me out as quickly as they could, but I managed to win one.  Andrew won two of them with Adam taking the last game.  I decided to play a different commander in the subsequent games we play together.

Mage Knight

I joined Adam and Tina in a game of Mage Knight at Tina’s place.  It was a fun scenario where we took a few modifications to make it more difficult: Volkaire as the last city and a Megapolis as the second to last city.  I played the character that is good with units and got the best banner and my special unit upgrade early on.  It made me run away with the game a little bit, but I didn’t win by all that much.  The game was short for Mage Knight at only 5ish hours, despite the extra events we added.

Houdini Escape Room

Tina signed us up for an escape room at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.  I hadn’t been there before so I headed down early and worked from the garden there.  It was a really nice day, and the gardens were gorgeous.

Everyone else showed up around 3:30pm and we went into the escape room.  We ended up doing pretty well; escaping with 7 minutes remaining.  I really enjoyed the puzzles, and some were pretty difficult.  We missed a few obvious hints, but that happens.

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