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Japanese Curry at Andrew’s

Steph and I went over to Andrew’s place for some really tasty Japanese curry.  We brought over some wine and bread and it was a really nice time.  We watched the remainder of Naked and Afraid XL, which was pretty amazing.  I really enjoyed it.

Curry and a Show

Stephanie and I went to Andrew’s place for some curry.  Adam and George were also there.  It was really tasty.  We then watched an episode of Naked and Afraid, which was nice.

Game of Thrones at Rong’s

We went to Rong’s place on Sunday to watch the most recent game of thrones.  It is getting really amazing, and I’m really looking forward to how things are changing.  I like the way it is changing from the books, and it will be really nice to see things evolve that I’m not ready for.

Game of Thrones S5E1

I really enjoyed the opening of the season on game of thrones.  Steph and I took Caltrain to the city and went to Nick’s place.  I chose the one big hill instead of the three small hills, but Steph wasn’t pleased.  The food at Nick’s was really good as always.  We brought some misir wot and shiro wot.  People tried the misir wot, but by the time we got there everyone had pretty much finished eating.  We tried to stream the show from HBO, but the quality of the stream was terrible.  We ended up downloading a version of it and that was much better.  We didn’t really check when the last train was, assuming it would be after 10, it was actually at 9:15.  We grabbed a nearby zipcar and took that home.  We chose one that could fit both bikes in the back, and I just brought it back in the morning.

Silicon Valley

This show was hard to watch because of how close so many parts of it hit to home.  There are tons of stereotypes portrayed in the show, where I know an exact person that is represented by that portrayal.  I also have a lot of cringe moments of times that remind me of things I went through with my attempts at a startup.  I don’t think I’ll watch any more of it.

Plated and Dr. Who

Jeremy came over a little early, and we started prepping the kitchen and he started cooking his famous dip.  Once Steph got home we started cooking the plated meals.  She was cooking a nice Indian dish, palak paneer.  I was cooking the other dish, mushroom dredged steak with cauliflower and turnip mash.  The mash was better than I had expected, but not as good as I had hoped.  The steak on the other hand was fantastic.  Nicely crisped on the outside and juicy in the middle.  When taking a bit of the mash and steak together it was to die for.  We had some technical difficulties with getting the episode to play, but once we got it going it turned out to be a decent episode.  There was a lot more drama than normal, but that is kinda what made it great.

Niji Sushi and Game of Thrones

After the movie we all went to downtown Mountain View to have dinner.  We tried a few places before settling on Niji Sushi, since they didn’t have a long wait.  We got some tasty tasty food, then headed over to Riley and Wit’s house for the Game of Thrones episode.  The episode was the start of the battle at the wall, and was the first episode to stay in a single location.  I was kind of surprised that they would do that, but wholly understand.  The battle at the wall is one of the biggest events in the entire series, and they will certainly continue the battle in the next episode.

Game of Thrones with Riley

We went to Riley’s place after dinner to watch Game of Thrones.  It was a pretty good episode, and I like the changes they’ve been making.  It simplifies things a lot, while not losing the characters or the story.  I think this can be done since the screen gets across a lot of information that the books might not be able to succinctly.

Sherlock and FTL

We watched Sherlock, and played some FTL at Riley’s place on Sunday evening.  The episode of Sherlock was pretty good, but the bad guy didn’t get as built out as I was hoping.  The FTL was fun, as I showed Riley and Steph how to win the final boss battle.  We then had the others play through a round with me coaching them in some ways.  Riley unlocked 3 ships along the way, and Steph was in sector 7 when she got taken out by a slaver.  Wit just picked up the game, and I think his introduction was by far the most painless one can hope for, but he is surely addicted now.

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