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Jekyl Brewery

Nick, Kim, and I drove up to Jekyl Brewery in Alpharetta to meet up with Chris and Chelsea.  We had some beer at the brewery and had a good tour of it.  They had a large Jenga set made of 2×4’s set up.  We got it on some really precarious base, and Nick ended up knocking it over.


After that we went to the closeby La Parilla  for dinner.  During dinner I got a call from Steph about Leopold missing since the plumber came into the apartment.  She ended up finding Leopold, but he was really upset by the incident.


Paint Nite


Last night I gave Steph her birthday present of a Paint Nite at Willow Street Pizza in Saratoga.  I was doing it as a surprise, and she was guessing what it would be until she saw the canvases in the window of the restaurant.  She really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure she liked the surprise aspect.  The food and drink was good, and we both decided not to just paint the basic painting.  The painting that was taught was more or less what you see below, but the trees in the background weren’t given the red leaves.  I also added in a bit of a sun ray coming into what I made to be a clearing.  Steph and I were doing really well compared to most of the rest of the class.  I also noticed that there were 3 men and 27 women at the paint nite.  The painting on the left is mine and the painting on the right is Steph’s.


Paint Nite’s Site

Famous Pub with Derick

I hung out with Derick at Famous after picking up dinner with Jeff.  I ate the Yeah! burger on the walk from Jeff’s place to Famous Pub.  Derick and I talked about all sorts of stuff, mainly just catching up on life.  I brought up some of the philosophical questions I have been struggling with lately.  We had a few beers and split some fries with amazing toppings.

Jeremy’s Hang out and Play Games Party

This was quite a nice event.  We played two different games while there.  Dragon’s Crown and Mario for the Wii U.  They were both incredibly chaotic games, and we didn’t do terribly well in either.  Luckily they are designed for people who can’t play games that well.  One is the hack and slash, and the other is a very forgiving platformer.

Jeremy made his famous dip, and also the elusive pizza dip.  They were both quite delicious, and I ate way to much of both of them.  He also had a nice selection of beer, and I got some more caps for my collection.


I had people over for my housewarming on Monday.  It turned out to be a little too warm.  When I turned on 2 burners and had the oven going the little amount of airflow that I could get from the apartment just wasn’t enough and it started to heat up substantially.  Steve was probably the most effected by it, but everyone felt a little warm to say the least.

I ended up having Jeremy B, Adam, Andrew, Amy, Adelaide, Tina, Amit, Candice, Brian, Nick, Steve, and Steve’s wife over.  It was a very large crowd for the space and I could not have fit more people in than were already there.  I was somewhat surprised by the turnout since only half of them said that they would be there.

We played some cards against humanity and open faced chinese poker.  The games worked really well in the space, and with the crowd that was there.  Everyone liked the kitties, and played with them using the laser pointer.  I think things went as well as could be expected.

I cooked a baked mac ‘n’ cheese dish, that turned out really well.  The bacon was super tasty in it.  I think I’ll make it again and take it over to beachhead for dinner on Thursday.  Jeremy brought over a cake, Amy brought over ice cream and root beer, Brian brought over some chips and dip, and Wit brought over some really tasty beer.  Nick also brought over most of the Liquor that we had built up, I’m assuming once he finds a place he’ll want me to bring over some of the nicer stuff that he likes to his housewarming.

Russian River Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff

I went to the 13th annual Russian River Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff.

None of the pictures here are mine, since I wasn’t about to take a phone or camera to this event.

On the way there Nick and Fred came to pick me up.  Fred is the Box intern from last summer that is now full time at Box.  The drive there was longer than expected and Nick and Fred were mainly talking about Box and SF Living.  I dozed off for a bit, but joined in the conversation when it went back to other things.  We got to the campsite right at sunset.  I set my tent up wrong at first and had to get Brian and Andy to help so that I could get it set up.  We then ran by the grocery store to get food and beer.  We had a nice sit around the fire.  Andrew and Adam showed up later and they got the tent set up quickly.  I went to bed decently early, and had a really restful sleep due to the 4 beer.

The owner of Camp Outback in all his glory.  He does fire dancing at night for anyone who wants to watch.

Saturday morning we went into town for some coffee, and I just walked around the town a bit.  It is a nice little place.  There were a good number of real estate places in the town, and the surrounding area seems incredibly inexpensive when compared to SF or the Bay Area.  Shortly after the coffee run we started walking to the main event.  I had with me the holder for the small glass, and a cloth for wiping my hands on.  Nick, Brian, Candice, and I were VIP, so we got in a little earlier.  There was maybe a 5 minute lag between the VIP getting in and everyone else getting in, which wasn’t even close to the 1 hour that was promised.  I wasn’t too bothered by it but it was strange how quickly they let in the rest of the crowd.  I was a little upset at the first few places giving me so much of the beer, since I wanted to try a little bit of a lot of different beers.  The only bad part about the VIP is the larger cup that doesn’t fit the holder, and is far to much when filled up.  There was a really amazing ginger beer that I would like to find more of.  I’ll have to try some ginger beers to find something as tasty as this was.  At the ginger beer booth, one of the hosts offered me a towel and the small glass for the VIP cup.  I gladly took it.  Nick then went over and got a T-shirt and a small glass for his VIP cup.

I had soooo much BBQ of beef, pork, and chicken.  I didn’t even taste the sides this time.  All of it was tasty, and most of it was absolutely delicious.

After a little while I decided to get in the river.  It was trying to get down the slope to the river while as drunk as we were, but not too bad.  The water was colder than I would have liked, but incredibly refreshing for being as cool as it was.  I snuck off for a bit after that to take a nap behind the stage.  It was incredibly relaxing and I had such a good time.

As the festival was winding down we all started making our way to the upper deck.  We set out from there for the pizza place in Guerneville.  We got a good bit of pizza and I ate a ton of it.  It is quite surprising how much pizza one can eat after an all you can eat and drink beer and bbq festival.  It was really tasty pizza.

After the pizza place we went back to camp, and decided to play some open faced chinese poker.  It is an interesting game with all sorts of subtlety.  I think it would be fun to have poker at my place every so often and play this variant.  It has a lot more strategy to the game itself, whereas other forms of poker have more strategy to the meta game.  I took a bit of a nap once the light was too dim to continue poker.

Nick and I decided to leave that night, and Andrew decided to join us.  We watched the fire dancing, which was pretty good that night, then we left.  On the way back we ran into some crazy construction on 880 that took the highway down to 1 lane.  It took us around 45 minutes to clear that section, but that was the only delay.  I was dropped off first, since I’m just on the other side of the Dumbarton Bridge.

I really enjoyed the festival, but I don’t think I’ll be going again.  The over-drinking and over-eating are things that I will be doing without as much of.  I think Nick was feeling the same way about it.  I love the atmosphere and the festival, but it has run its course for me.

Oren’s Hummus with Nick

Today Nick and I went to dinner at Oren’s Hummus.  We got the Shakshuka and Labane combo, and it was just as good as I remember it being.  We each got a Sam Adams and it was a really nice dinner all together.  Nick is still looking for places and it will most likely be in SF for him.  Afterwards we went to my new place and Nick thought it was decently nice.  I put in a new shower head and bought the x10 system for automation.  I might need to get a few more pieces to have it all work properly, but it will be entirely worth it in the end.

Monday Volleyball … ish

Yesterday after finishing work, I went to Stanford to play volleyball.  Not many of the people that I wanted to play with were there.  Nima was, but the other people playing volleyball were much better than him, and he is much better than me.  I decided to not bother those guys too much, and let Nima play a game without me.  I got a little bit more work done while he was playing and got to watch two pretty good games at the same time.  We then went to Sliders in Palo Alto.  We split a pitcher of Great White, which was a nice orange beer.  The sweet potato fries were really tasty, and I got 2 sliders to complete the dinner.  I went over to Steph’s after that and saw her finish off her Messenger bag for the Faith outfit.  It was really nice.

Visiting Nick’s Father and The Creamery and the Trip Back

We had dinner at the Creamery and Brewpub in Klymath Falls, OR.  All the beer there was delicious and the food was satisfactory.  After a long day of caving anything would have tasted fantastic.  Nick got the beer tasting and shared it around since he was driving.

After dinner we went to a Minimart where Nick’s Dad works.  He seems like a man that could never retire.  From the sound of it he has plenty of money just not enough to keep him busy.  He seems like an incredibly active man, and I hope to be as active as that when I am his age.

We spent the night at Nick’s mom’s house and drove up to his Dad’s place the next morning.  We stopped by the grocery to get some eggs and berries.  When we got there Nick’s dad made us some pancakes and eggs.

As it was father’s day I called to say hi, and ended up waking them up since they were still in Hawaii.  I was surprised to have woken them since it was already 6:30 where they were.

We got on the road shortly after breakfast, only stopping once around lunchtime.  We took a walk around the sundial bridge, which was pretty accurate as we were only 6 days off from when it is calibrated for.



We then stopped for lunch at a place called Grilla Bites, which was really healthy food.  They also had a Ruth Goldberg Machine that we had to play with.  It had 2 big panels, but also went across the ceiling.




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