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Happy Kitties!

The kitties have been so happy since we’ve gotten back.  They were also really happy with the nice presents my parents got them.

Archer the Killer Cat

Archer finally caught something while he was out on a walk the other day.  It looked like a little bird that had just fledged and was on its first trip out of the nest.  It was alive when he brought it in, but it quickly died.  Archer was mad when I took it away from him.  The kitties have been really great recently, and they both have been very cuddly.  We’ve found that the stick side of Archer’s toys is what he will really go after.  Here are some kitty pictures!

and some kitty videos

The Kitties

Archer and Lana have been doing really well, and getting to go outside for longer and longer periods of time.

20150903_115410 20151001_151439 20150923_074635 20151006_171844 20151007_191642 20151003_105717 20151003_110110

This has allowed them to get into more and more trouble.  Archer is the primary culprit, getting into other patios, up to the second story, climbing trees, and almost catching a squirrel.  He also got an adorable lion’s mane.

Kitties loving the new place

I got a cat tree for the kitties at the new place and they are loving it.  They also have been loving to play with a red rain jacket I have hanging by the front door.  I decided to give up on the jacket and hang it on the cat tree as a kind of tent.

They also like going on walks, and since we are at the back of the complex it is pretty safe to let them wander a bit on their own.  Lana is especially safe since she runs back inside if anyone comes near.  They have been looking out the windows a lot and carrying their toys around the apartment.  They’ve also been surprisingly social when we have people over; sitting close to everyone and letting the guest pet them.  I’m really happy that they are adjusting well.

Kitties doing well

The kitties are doing really well, and have been enjoying their Christmas presents.  They have played with the spinning toy the Lee’s got them, Lana has actually been sitting in the crate that Steph got, and Archer has been enjoying the new fleece sheets that Steph bought.  He looks like Jabba kitty in the picture below.

IMG_2036 IMG_2052

Getting back to the kitties

The flights back were mostly uneventful.  I was tempted to take the voucher in Atlanta and spend a night with the family, but I was very ready to get back.  Steph’s parents picked us up from the airport, and we got back to our places without any issues.  The kitties were super happy to see me, and I cleaned up the house a little before going to sleep.  They woke me up a number of times during the night to get pets, and Archer has kept doing to a smaller degree.  They have also be super cuddly and wanting to be with me all the time.  I really enjoy them.

IMG_2043 IMG_1872 IMG_1870 IMG_1865 IMG_1862 IMG_1860 IMG_1855 IMG_1850 IMG_1888 IMG_1884

Archer Stung by a Yellow Jacket

While walking the kitties this past weekend Archer got a little bit too playful, and managed to temporarily capture a yellow jacket.  Needless to say the insect was not pleased, and stung Archer on his little paw.  He was so sad looking limping around, so Steph and I decided to hang out with him for a bit to make sure he was ok.  We tried to get him to eat 12mg of Benadryl, but couldn’t get him to take it.  After a few hours he seemed fine so we decided it was ok to head out and get some food for cooking.  He was fine the next morning, even though it was still possible to tell the difference in size between the paws.

IMG_1504 IMG_1501 IMG_1498 IMG_1500 IMG_1494 IMG_1510

Cat Cafe

IMG_1543 IMG_1538 IMG_1525 IMG_1520 IMG_1512

David B. invited us to come with him to the opening of a Cat Cafe in Oakland.  It was really fun and I think the idea has merit as an addition to a cat adoption agency.  They will need to work a bit more on the cafe part of it, but the cat part was great.

Kitties doing great!

The kitties are doing great!  I am really loving them and they are being cuddly all the time.  They make my days so much nicer.

Lana Video

IMG_1466 IMG_1465 IMG_1459 IMG_1455 IMG_1391 IMG_1444 IMG_1440 IMG_1424 IMG_1418 IMG_1409 IMG_2410 IMG_1399

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