Sunday night Steph and I took a bike ride to Stanford.  We saw the horses there and Steph petted a few of them.  After that we went to Palo Alto and stopped by Rocket Fizz.  I got some of the cream filled caramels that I like.  I was able to get all the bottle caps from them, and it will go well with the other ones in my collection. I’m just about ready to make the table with them, and I expect it to be a nice table.  I’m most likely going to do a rainbow pattern or random pattern.  I had considered making it into a compilation, somewhat like pixel art, but that didn’t appeal to me too much.

We had dinner at Umami and it was really tasty.  I got the Greenbird over fries and gravy.  We got the fried pickles, which were surprisingly bad.  I normally like fried pickles, but these were too much pickle and too little fried.  Steph got the beat salad, and we shared some truffle fries.

After Umami we biked back to my place and Steph made some japanese candy that she found at Rocket Fizz.  The candy was for a tiny japanese pizza, but it wasn’t the normal kind of japanese candy that actually tastes like the item.  This tasted like sugar covered toffee, and not great toffee at that.  Steph still enjoyed it despite the difficulty in eating it.

IMG_0454 IMG_0453