This morning I set out for a long morning bike ride and it turned into a long early afternoon walk when I got a flat and had to walk the bike to the closest bike shop for a repair. The start of the ride was really nice and I went to shoreline lake. There I talked to my parents. They have had a very exciting week with my dad getting and signing an offer from Emory and then having their offer on a house they like accepted. It will be great to see them at Christmas in their new house. After that I went to downtown Mountain View via the Stevens Creak Trail. I was hoping to get some tea but the tea shop isn’t open Mondays. When I got back to my bike I noticed a flat tire. I’ve gotten into the habit of not carrying my repair tools with me, just the air pump. The flat I ended up getting wasn’t the slow leak that a pump will help with. After about a 45 min walk I got to the bike shop and got it fixed. Then decided to grab a late lunch at The Counter.  After a quick stop by Milk Pail Market I rode back home.  I am very tired and most of the day is now gone.  I still enjoyed the ride.