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Rabbit’s Foot Meadery

Steph and I met up with Tina, Adan, Lee, Kerry, Andrew, Candice, and others at Rabbit’s Foot Meadery.  I had a sip of one of the drinks and it was decent.  I think I got Lee curious about the product we were making and hope to get his feedback on it.  The atmosphere of the place was nice, although a little loud.  Since we went in the middle of the day it wasn’t terribly crowded, but it wasn’t empty by any means.  The place was rather nice, and even though I’m not drinking anymore, I wouldn’t mind going back to hang out there.

IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876

Paint Nite


Last night I gave Steph her birthday present of a Paint Nite at Willow Street Pizza in Saratoga.  I was doing it as a surprise, and she was guessing what it would be until she saw the canvases in the window of the restaurant.  She really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure she liked the surprise aspect.  The food and drink was good, and we both decided not to just paint the basic painting.  The painting that was taught was more or less what you see below, but the trees in the background weren’t given the red leaves.  I also added in a bit of a sun ray coming into what I made to be a clearing.  Steph and I were doing really well compared to most of the rest of the class.  I also noticed that there were 3 men and 27 women at the paint nite.  The painting on the left is mine and the painting on the right is Steph’s.


Paint Nite’s Site


I had people over for my housewarming on Monday.  It turned out to be a little too warm.  When I turned on 2 burners and had the oven going the little amount of airflow that I could get from the apartment just wasn’t enough and it started to heat up substantially.  Steve was probably the most effected by it, but everyone felt a little warm to say the least.

I ended up having Jeremy B, Adam, Andrew, Amy, Adelaide, Tina, Amit, Candice, Brian, Nick, Steve, and Steve’s wife over.  It was a very large crowd for the space and I could not have fit more people in than were already there.  I was somewhat surprised by the turnout since only half of them said that they would be there.

We played some cards against humanity and open faced chinese poker.  The games worked really well in the space, and with the crowd that was there.  Everyone liked the kitties, and played with them using the laser pointer.  I think things went as well as could be expected.

I cooked a baked mac ‘n’ cheese dish, that turned out really well.  The bacon was super tasty in it.  I think I’ll make it again and take it over to beachhead for dinner on Thursday.  Jeremy brought over a cake, Amy brought over ice cream and root beer, Brian brought over some chips and dip, and Wit brought over some really tasty beer.  Nick also brought over most of the Liquor that we had built up, I’m assuming once he finds a place he’ll want me to bring over some of the nicer stuff that he likes to his housewarming.

Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club

This evening I joined Steph, Nick, Tina, Amit, Candice, and Brian at Rooster T Feathers for a Comedy night.  The MC was pretty good, the first act (Sandy Stec) had great jokes and ok timing, and the main act (Sheng Wang) was really funny with only a few jokes that fell short.  I had a really good time and will probably be going back for more comedy shows.  They had a special for tonight, with $10 for 2 people, but you had to buy 2 items from the menu each as well.  I got 2 drinks, since afterwards we were going to Shah.  The food at Shah was a little bland, but I did really like the aloo naan (potato stuffed bread).

Drinks at Beachhead

Last night I went to join a group at beachhead for drinks.  It was Jeremy B, Adam, Tina, Riley, Rong, Steph, and myself.  Adam had made some fruit soaked liquor.  It was really tasty, but the kind of drink that would make you expect to look down and find a pink dress.  I made the spinach gnocchi that I had bought a couple weeks ago, and it was really tasty.

Monday in the Dominican

We were hoping to go to the caves today but they are closed on Mondays. We also couldn’t go to the private beach because there was construction. It seems that Monday is a great day to be closed in the Dominican Republic. We went back to the gated houses and hung out at the pool. We got drinks at the swim up bar even though the actual swim up bar area wasn’t functional the wait staff brought it out to us at the swim up bar.

20130624_112318(0) 20130624_100053 20130624_100003

We played 500 which was fun. The pina coladas were delicious. We stopped by a truck stop for lunch and got some of the local food. It gave all of us a sleepy attitude and we went back to the house and got a couple hours of sleep. When we woke up we brought out the chips and played a game of Settlers. Since scuba was the next morning we decided to call it early.

TGI Friday’s with Robert

I had a great time talking to Robert at TGI Friday’s.  I could really use his help on the board game to get the iconography right and the mechanics clearly displayed.

2nd annual meatball invitational

I had a great time at the meatball invitational.  A lot of people ended up coming as well.  Jessica, Caryn, Nima, Simon, Tony, and others showed up for the meatball making.  I served up some tofu pasta that some people liked and otherts thought was a little strange.  I really liked the meatballs and the marinara sauce that Nick made.  I am looking forward to eating a good number of them over the next few months.  I had a good bit of wine, some beer, some cider, and some liquor, but it was spaced out over the whole afternoon and evening.

Makeup Party


We went over to Adam’s house for a makeup party.  We decided that I would do Stephanie’s makeup and that she would do mine.  I chose to make her look like an egyptian, she chose to make me a two face.


One side of the face has “normal” makeup and the other has “fancy” makeup.


We did this at Adam’s house with Andrew, Jeremy B, and a couple of people I hadn’t met before.  I had a really nice alcohol free diet ginger beer, but I added a little bit of vodka.  Adam also made a drink with lavender syrup.  Adam also served really nice cheese, it was a goat cheese with garlic and herbs.


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