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Brunch at Adam’s

Steph and I started the morning out well with a bike ride to Palo Alto.  The ride was very pleasant, but we didn’t get to stay very long there.  We went to the Chocolate Garage and I got some of the Momotombo candies.  There was a big barbershop choir there and they sounded pretty good.  It was different to hear the barbershop style of singing as a choir instead of a pure quartet.

A group of us got together at Adam’s today for Brunch.  It was really nice of him to have us over since he had spent the last week at his new job.  From what I can tell he isn’t used to working so much.  It was rather tasty, with Adam providing eggs, bacon, and liquor soaked fruit.  I brought the chocolates I had just picked up.  We went to the movie Pacific Rim, but weren’t joined by Tina and Amit.  Nick, Adam, Steph, and Andrew left from there to go to the movie.  At the theatre we met up with Brian.

Bike Ride with Nima

Nima and I went along the Steven’s Creek trail this morning, and then turned around to head out past Shoreline Lake.  It was a nice 16 mile ride and I had a great time doing it.  We talked about him biking to work, me getting cats, and many other things.  I think I can convince Caryn to come over and possible work some from my place next week or the week after to play with the kitties and keep them company.  I also showed Nima where the used bike shop in Mountain View is.

Flat Tire

Yesterday when coming back from Bo’s Wedding I ran over some glass and got a flat tire.  Steph was nice enough to come pick me up at the train station in Palo Alto.  This morning I had to walk all the way to the train station and barely missed the 8:36 train leaving.  The next train was scheduled at 9:11, and was also 10 minutes late.  Tonight I’m going to have to take care of my bike, and replace the inner tube and chain.  I think the tire should be fine, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

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