I decided to bike over to meet with Steph, Nick, and Andrew at the AMC 20.  It was about a 1.5 hour bike ride, and since half of the trail was unpaved, it took me a bit longer than I thought it would.  I had a really great time on the ride since I was listening to audiobooks and the weather was perfect.  I should bike without a backpack more often.  I got there just in time, and the theater wasn’t that packed so we got pretty good seats.

I thought the movie pacing was both too fast and too slow.  There were parts that didn’t seem to give it any good story, but increased the drama that I could have done without.  There were also lots of scenes that were there just to be flashy, which was nice on the big screen, but made some of the more important points from the book not make it in.  I haven’ t read the books, but I listened to some of the comments about the choice of what went in and what didn’t and I was surprised a good bit.  I am going to have to read the books now.