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Quick Activities

Tennis with Ricardo

Ricardo came to Redwood City for tennis this Sunday.  We headed to the nearby court and found it empty.  It was cloudy at first, so no major advantage based on sun.  Unfortunately the sun came out as we were switching sides.  This made it a little harder to play, but I still got him on both sets we played.  We were noticeably better this time, with fewer double faults, better ball placement, and better hits.  I think Ricardo has the better ball placement, but I have him beat on energy and speed.  We are still decently matched at this point.

Afterwards we tried to go to Broadway Masala, but they weren’t open yet, so we dropped by Crouching Tiger and I introduced him to the magic chili tofu and ma po tofu.  They were both amazingly delicious.

Omescape: Joker’s Asylem Escape Room


We met Riley and Rong at Omescape and jumped into the Joker’s Asylem escape room. George showed up a little late, which was good. The room really required 5 people to complete, as at one point all 5 needed to be doing something simultaneously.
Afterwards Steph headed off to play some Betrayal Legacy while the rest of us went to a bit of coffee and brunch. Riley and Rong decided they needed a real meal and went to some Korean BBQ, while George and I went back to his place and played some Smash.

Solo kayaking Corkscrew Slough

I went for a long solo kayak in my new Oru folding kayak.  It went really well for the most part.  I started at about 10am and ended a little after 1pm.  I was able to get Lyfts both ways and it was pretty convenient.  The route on the map is shorter than the real one because on the left side of the map where it goes through the middle of the wetlands I was lost.  Navigating when everything looks like water from the surface, but you get close and it is mud bars just under the surface, its tricky.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 2.05.49 PM.png

There were also two choke points where the water was flowing rapidly.  The first one was going the way I was going so I just rode it, but the second was going the other way and I had to portage around it.  That proved tough, but since the kayak is so light it wasn’t too bad.

I saw a ton of birds, at the end there was a flock that was murmating.  I also saw some harbor seals relaxing on the bank.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Michael and I had a fun day together, with a hike in Pacifica along the coast, then an evening where we went to Cupertino for Shakespeare in the Park of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It was very well done, and the picnic with everyone was lovely.  The show was much funnier than I was expecting and the acting was some of the best I’ve seen in any play.  I brought some of the rosemary cider from Redwood Coast that was made with the rosemary from our yard.

Shoreline Lake Picnic

Tina organized a group to go to Shoreline lake for a nice picnic with some kayaking.  Adam brought his kayak and was probably the person who spent the most time on the lake.  I got some time in his kayak and then we both went out together and I used one from the boat rental.  I had a good time and ate tons of great food.

While there Adam, Tim, and I played some Troyes.  Afterwards we went back to Adam’s place and played more Troyes.  I lost pretty soundly both times.  I had a great engine in both games, but one use of one card for more than 10 points in both games caused a big swing that won it for the person doing it.

Wings of Glory

Irene organized an outing to Moffet field and we got to see the Wings of Glory exhibit, a WWII airplane collection.  The planes were neat to see and they had been kept in working order.  We went through the two bombers and got to see one of the smaller planes take off.  We then went back to my place and played a good bit of Beat Saber.  I was able to beat the last of Brian’s high scores, this one on expert.  I made some Shakshuka and we had dinner before they headed out.

Houdini Escape Room

Tina signed us up for an escape room at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.  I hadn’t been there before so I headed down early and worked from the garden there.  It was a really nice day, and the gardens were gorgeous.

Everyone else showed up around 3:30pm and we went into the escape room.  We ended up doing pretty well; escaping with 7 minutes remaining.  I really enjoyed the puzzles, and some were pretty difficult.  We missed a few obvious hints, but that happens.

Hike with Jeremy

Jeremy and I went on a long hike.  We decided to do the PG&E plus High Meadow trails in Rancho San Antonio.  It was a relaxed pace, so ended up taking about 4 hours.  We saw a dozen or so deer, and probably 3 hawks.  It is hard to know if the hawks were the same ones moving around or not.  It was a beautiful day for such a hike, and I really enjoyed the conversation.  We are in pretty similar points in our lives right now and hearing some of the same issues from another person was great.

Escape from AT&T Park

Since we like escape rooms we thought it would be a lot of fun to do one of the larger escape room events.  This one was Escape from AT&T Park in SF.  We got into SF a little early.  I missed the train at the last second because I was trying to buy a ticket, but I was able to meet Steph at the 4th and King station by Lyfting there.  We met up with the rest fo the crew at the Little Skillet, and Steph got some food.  We headed over to the park and hung out on the field while waiting for people.  We split into two groups, one of 4 and one of 5.

The puzzle was split into 4 major sections.  The first part was pretty easy, just a lot of little bits to it.  The second part had us stumped for a bit, but the other group was the first in the entire event to get through it.  The third part wasn’t bad, and we got past it very quickly.   The final part was also a breeze for us, as we understood the style of the puzzle pretty quickly.  The other group went down the wrong tracks and got stuck.  They were on the final puzzle for a really long time, being the second group to get there.  I prefer games where the puzzle is difficult even when you know how to solve it.  Most games meed to have a lowest common denominator, such that knowing how to solve the puzzle is always the hard part.

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