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Global Game Jam 2019

I participated in the 2019 Global Game Jam at the Oculus HQ location.  I had a great time and mad a fun game, Hermit Crab Simulator.  The game turned out pretty well, and we had it working great on the Oculus Go, as well as a web portal for anyone that wants to just try it out on web.  I got to talk to some of the Oculus group, and worked with some pretty good devs.  They weren’t experienced in Unity or VR, so it took a little bit to get them really going.  They all contributed meaningful work, which was great.  I was especially happy with the Audio work from Niko.  He did an amazing job on the game music, which is worth a listen on its own.  Here is the link to the global game jam page.

Kublacon Sunday

Steph and I slept in and walked the kitties Sunday morning.  They were super cute.


We got to Kublacon a little after noon, and caught the end of James’ lecture on Kickstarter.  We then got to play both of the games that were from the Suburbia group, and I liked them both(Subdivision and Castles of mad king ludwig).  We also attended James’ talk on randomness in games, and it was quite good.  It made me think about how agency relates to games.

SF Indie Game Jam

This past weekend I spent the entire weekend making games at the SF Indie Game Jam.  It was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed the people I was working with.  I hope they thought I was as good to work with as I thought they were.  I was especially impressed with Frank, one of the developers on the team.  To find out more about what went on at the game jam look at my post on

My Kickstarter is Live!

Robert and I just put live the kickstarter campaign for the game we’ve been working on for the last 2 months.

Take a look and share it with your friends!

Apocalypse Overload


Night of Coding with Julian

Tuesday night Julian and I stayed up late coding together.  He was working on the project to help his dad out and I was working on the game.  With his help and using Nick’s feedback I was able to get a design that was fun, had a lot of depth, and wasn’t overly complicated.  I showed it to Robert and he thought it was fantastic.  I’m glad I was able to find the fun in the game so early, and now all I need to do is polish and focus it so that it stays as fun as it is promising to be.

Julian and I hung out at his place for the hacking, and I got to see the gigantic cat that lives there.  I hope my cats don’t get to be that big, as Archer would give me shoulder problems.

Getting Advice from People Who Know What They Are Doing

Today I spend most of the day meeting with people who knew a lot more about developing and coding than myself.  I in turn gave them advice about product and marketing.  The talks with Fadi were really good.  I learned a lot from him when I was at Chegg, including everything I know about SQL and a lot of what I know about Node.js.  We chatted about where he is going with his products, and about where I am going with my game.  I’d love to work with him should things not pan out with the game.

I also met with the backend developer for a China/USA game team and asked a lot about what he uses for his databases, servers, API handling, etc.  It was really useful information and gives me a great direction to look into.  He recommended going with Node.js.  It is good for me since I have the most experience with JavaScript and some experience with Node.js.

Morning Chores

This morning I dropped things off at Good Will that I didn’t want anymore, a lot of it the bad Zynga shirts.  I kept the few good shirts that I like, but don’t think I’ll wear them often.

I got back to my house and biked over the CPR (Cell Phone Repair) and gave them my phone to fix the screen.  I stopped by the post office and got a haircut.  I then made it back home and finished setting up the mac mini I got on Tuesday.  I set up a standing desk with the printer on the table next to it in my room.  The dragons are roosting just above me as I work, making sure I stay on task.  I also am using a folded up yoga pad to stand on, and it is making a huge difference compared with standing directly on the hard wood floor.


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