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Strategic Thinking Skills

This book has a lot of good insights in how to think strategically, and I’m not doing too many of them.  I’ll try to incorporate it more into my life.  However, it does put one of the primary goals that it talks about as money and not happiness, so I’ll change that around.

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Hardwiring Excellence

This book is another where the topic wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  The focus on healthcare made it not quite as useful as it could have been, however it was still very good.  I liked the culture building focus that it had, and I know I need to do more of that.

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The Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History

This had a lot of good points but it was basically how to win friends and influence people in mass.  It is good for those who haven’t read other books along these lines, but I’d focus on the other ones first.

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Transformational Leadership

This book had a lot of good information, but most of it I had heard before in the other books I’ve been listening to.  I agree with many of the premises put forward, especially that the leadership style will have be responsive to the situation.  I need to work on a basic leadership style laid out in this lecture series, but I’m not too far behind in understanding it.  I’m just far behind in implementation.


This book had a lot of great suggestions about leadership and how to get people to do the things you want them to do.  This does a lot of good explanations on the how to do it, but the part that I tend to struggle with is the internal conflict of whether what I’m trying to get someone to do something that isn’t good for them.  I’ll have to learn to convince myself of the great things that people will get from helping me.

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Startup CEO

This was a really good overview of the very specific job of trying to be a Startup CEO.  It makes me realize that I’m going to have to really step it up on many of the leadership and communication parts that I’m not particularly good at or have experience in.  I’m starting to work on it beginning with organization.  If you want to be a CEO of a startup this is a must read.

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Lean Eutreprenuer

This book is good, but not as good as Founders Dilemma. The book touches on a little bit later in the process, and on business instead of people. The focus is nice and we will be doing this very soon, and are already starting on it now. The book talks a lot about good structures about finding out what you don’t know. There is also a great bit about how you should take lots of risks in the short term, but always have the long term in mind. I need to follow my tenant of not having fear, but looking at things logically.

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The Founder’s Dilemma

This was one of the best books about founding companies I’ve read.  It has all the basic high level things that one may need.  It covers a lot of the topics that I was unsure about, and I am recommending it to the rest of the team.  Steph is ready to start it, and I explained most of it to Candice.

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Effective Communication Skills

This lecture series I finished a while ago and never got around to posting about it since I was getting busy and distracted.  I enjoyed most of what was said in this book.  The series of books I’ve read have built up well, with logic, argumentation, and communication.  There was a lot of repitition of concepts from the other books in this one, but it was taken in a new light.  Instead of trying to win arguments you were trying to steer conversations.  I like this approach much better than the previous ones, and I think it is more applicable in everyday situations.  A lot of what is described can be summmarized as just talking to persons, not talking to people.

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