I’m probably not going to post every single time I have a workout with Michael, and in this post I’ll cover 2.  Yesterday we went for a long bike ride to Steph’s work and back.  She left her phone at my place, so I thought I’d deliver it as well as get some exercise.  Michael and I took the long way around on the way there, and went through a lot of chopped granite while we were at it.  My hands were hurting by the end of it from all the vibration.  We chose the much nicer paved routes on the way back, as going through all that chopped granite again wasn’t something we were looking forward to.  We got to take some trails I hadn’t been on before, like the ones around Palo Alto airport.  There is a little raised ridge that goes along there, where you have to watch for planes as they take off and land.

This morning we went to Reach and had a good time of it.  I was still hurting from Monday, so I didn’t perform as well as would be liked.  I am glad I’m doing these exercised and will have to keep them up.  It hurts so much, but feels really good at the same time.