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Songkran Festival

Sunday we went to the Songkran festival in San Jose, and met there Jeremy, Nick, Wit, and Riley.  The food was pretty good, and the Thai ice tea from the temple was delicious.  There wasn’t much else to do there, so we ended up sitting in the beer garden for a bit, while not liking the music.  The speakers were bad and the singing voices weren’t particularly good either.  We then went back to beachhead and played primordial soup.  It was a decent game, but there was a lot of uncertainty about what to do exactly.

Picnic in SF

We met with Lisa and one of Lisa’s friends for a picnic in Dolores Park.  We got there right on time, but Lisa and friend were running about 20 minutes late.  Steph and I went to get lunch really quickly and then we went back to the park to meet Lisa.  We played Mr. Card Game, but I don’t think Lisa liked it.  Steph seemed to be a little more enjoying it, but still didn’t understand the basis of the game.  After the picnic we went back to our bikes and I had a flat.  We walked over to Ritual Coffee to meet with Stefan.

Dinner in the City with Nick

Steph and I went up to SF to have dinner with Nick at an Ethiopian place near where he lives called “Moya.”  The place looked really nice, but was closed for the long weekend.  I’m guessing it is family run, and when the family is away they just close up.  We drove to a place a little bit away that served Eritrean food.  The difference between Eritrean and Ethiopian is minimal, so we were satisfied with it.  It was hard to tell if the differences were because of the slightly different origins, or from the differences between the two restaurants.  We showed up at the right time, because when we left there was quite a line.  After dinner we stopped by a place near Golden Gate Park called Purple Cow.  It is a tiny boba shop, but some of the best Boba I’ve had.  If I’m ever back close to it I’ll surely stop by for a boba tea.  We then stopped by Nick’s place and played a round of Mario Kart.  The computer won, but just barely.  Nick seems to be liking the city when he takes advantage of it, but as expected he isn’t doing nearly as much there as he had previously expected.

IMG_0878 IMG_0880

Working with Michael

Yesterday Michael and I worked in the COHO at Stanford, and it was quite enjoyable.  I decided to make a big list of my beliefs, and got through pretty much all of it.  We went by the gym he joined on the way home, and it seems nice.  It has everything one could need for working out, and I should really start joining him there in the mornings. We are working together again today in Meyer library.  I am hoping to get a lot done, but we will see how that goes.

Coffee with Michael

Yesterday I grabbed some quick coffee with Michael, who I hadn’t seen in about a year and a half.  It was good to talk to him about his startup ideas and how he is going about the whole process.  We went back to my place for a bit and I helped him set up a wordpress blog and set up the url to it as well.  We had coffee at Cafe Venetia on University.

Working and Meeting with People in the City

I had a great time in the city today.  I took Caltrain in and biked to Chris’ place.  We worked on our respective items, and he was nice enough to make me some eggs with spinach, tomato, and onion.  He also gave me some delicious tea.  He always has the tastiest loose leaf tea.  We worked until around 1:30, when I left to go meet Bo at Sightglass Coffee.  The coffee was pretty good, but I still prefer tea to coffee.  We talked over a lot of stuff, and he seems to be doing well with the Meteor work.  Even though he isn’t working for Meteor directly he seems to be doing the next best thing.  I caught the train back and stopped by Milk Pail and Safeway on the way home.

This was a nice little restaurant, and much better place to get lunch than the minimart across the street from it.  I got a really tasty breakfast bagel.  The bagel was a sun-dried tomato based bagel and soooo tasty.  Steph and I shared an iced coffee to keep us going.



This evening I biked to the Chocolate Garage and had some tasty chocolate.  The one I liked the most was a milk chocolate with nibs that I had already bought called The Boss.  I didn’t get any, and after tasting some Riley and I went to Philz Coffee and I got a Chai Tea.  The Chai there was fantastic.

After coming back Stephanie had already been joined at the Chocolate Garage by Candice and Brian.  All of us then went to a pretty tasty place called Curry Up Now.  I liked it, but not sure I’d want to go back. I’d prefer Umami over Curry Up Now.


Hanging out with Bo

We had a good talk and things are looking good, although Liwen got denied his Visa.  Bo thinks it is because Liwen is single, and that makes him a risk for trying to marry for citizenship.  I hope Liwen gets over, as that would make things much easier should it go well.

We grabbed some coffee at Ritual which was very tasty, and the went to BJ’s for dinner.  BJ stands for Burger Joint.  I got the chicken sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, and both were pretty delicious.  After dinner we went back to Ritual and worked a good bit on the wording and messaging of the application.  We talked to an interesting artist girl who made me feel really good about what we were doing, since we actually believe in it and are excited.  She had talked to two businessmen style entrepreneurs earlier yesterday, and they sounded like terrible people who were just trying to get money.

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