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Jimmy’s Moving Out Dinner

Jimmy is moving out of Beachhead to get married and live in Freemont.  We gave him a going away dinner with Steph and I cooking tom yom and red curry.  It was all very tasty and the soup turned out as the best we’ve made.  Even Wit was really impressed by the quality of the soup.  Tina made some amazing cookies, that turned out to be about the size of a small plate.  Riley, Amit, and David also joined later with Candice coming over after dinner.  Steph and I decided to break out the ginger cider and we’ll probably have people over Friday for a bottling party.  I’m not sure if we have everything we need or enough bottles, but it should be fun to taste it all and get a sense of how it turned out.  After dinner we watched X-Men First Class, and it was just as good as I remember it.


Biking to Catching Fire

I decided to bike over to meet with Steph, Nick, and Andrew at the AMC 20.  It was about a 1.5 hour bike ride, and since half of the trail was unpaved, it took me a bit longer than I thought it would.  I had a really great time on the ride since I was listening to audiobooks and the weather was perfect.  I should bike without a backpack more often.  I got there just in time, and the theater wasn’t that packed so we got pretty good seats.

I thought the movie pacing was both too fast and too slow.  There were parts that didn’t seem to give it any good story, but increased the drama that I could have done without.  There were also lots of scenes that were there just to be flashy, which was nice on the big screen, but made some of the more important points from the book not make it in.  I haven’ t read the books, but I listened to some of the comments about the choice of what went in and what didn’t and I was surprised a good bit.  I am going to have to read the books now.


Last night Steph and I went to see the movie Gravity with Brian, Riley, Andy, and a few other people I wasn’t as familiar with.  We showed up just in time and Brian had saved us spots.

This was a surprisingly good movie.  I don’t think it is the kind of movie I would watch again, and I would have been fine waiting to see it until it came out on dvd, but it was still nice to go see in the theater.  There was a lot of birth symbolism, and the issue with her daughter.  I couldn’t quite see how it all worked together in the symbolism, but I could tell that it was there.  I personally think the entire move was just a big birth metaphor.


The Lorax

I rather liked this presentation of The Lorax.  I really enjoyed the early interactions of the Once-ler and the Lorax’s forrest.  It was adorable and funny.  The rest of the movie was a little predictable, and didn’t have as many double entendres that I normally expect from animated children’s films.  The end was also a little too happy for the way the book ends.



This movie was cheesy, predictable, and didn’t explain some of the really cool parts that came up.  I know they wanted to make it mysterious, but it really didn’t help when the whole movie was based on the mysterious parts.  I would have appreciated a little more understanding about the aliens and how everything happened to lead up to the start of the movie.  The action sequences were also incredibly predictable.  The fight of the Toms was a good example; as soon as they emphasize the gunshot, you know that the girl has been shot.  I suppose for some things you need to rub it in everyone’s face so that it doesn’t get lost for the noise.



This movie was ok.  The plot seemed quite forced, and the characters were incredibly flat.  There weren’t many points when a character did something that you wouldn’t expect, and only the main character had a redeeming moment.  Even the redeeming moment was expected, and the plot point for it seemed forced.  I’d say the theory of the movie, and the action sequences make it worth seeing, but the plot makes it just ok.

Nick and I went to the AMC 20 to see this movie, and on the way we had dinner at Tandori Kitchen.  We both got the Chicken Tikka Masala, which was mediocre for what it was.


Atlas Shrugged: Part 2

I saw part 1 of Atlas Shrugged a while ago and randomly noticed that part 2 was on Netflix.  I decided to watch it since I liked the story in the book.  I don’t want to get into the philosophy behind the book or movies, but I enjoyed the story and portrayal in this part.

Pacific Rim

Adam, Nick, Steph, Brian, Andrew, and I went to see Pacific Rim.  We did the IMax 3D experience and it was certainly worth it.  I can say that they didn’t let things like plot or character development get in the way of the action.  I wasn’t disappointed in the least by the total disregard to logic or physics that the movie provided.  The one thing I could have done with more of were fight scenes, actually.  The fights happened rather slowly when they did, and the robots that weren’t the main characters died almost immediately after you saw them start fighting.  I’d say you should see this movie if you want mindless violence, robots, and monsters.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

This was a pretty and bad movie.  The visuals were good, but everything else was mediocre at best.  This movie had a large number of gratuitous 3D scenes, and nonsensical action sequences.  The characters were amazingly shallow, and the character development was done poorly in the few characters it was attempted.  The acting was very sub par by all the major actors, and the dialog was wholly unbelievable.  The green screen scenes were far too obvious, and the lack of color fading in the background one would usually expect for seeing something in the distance made most of the pretty scenes awkward.

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