Jimmy is moving out of Beachhead to get married and live in Freemont.  We gave him a going away dinner with Steph and I cooking tom yom and red curry.  It was all very tasty and the soup turned out as the best we’ve made.  Even Wit was really impressed by the quality of the soup.  Tina made some amazing cookies, that turned out to be about the size of a small plate.  Riley, Amit, and David also joined later with Candice coming over after dinner.  Steph and I decided to break out the ginger cider and we’ll probably have people over Friday for a bottling party.  I’m not sure if we have everything we need or enough bottles, but it should be fun to taste it all and get a sense of how it turned out.  After dinner we watched X-Men First Class, and it was just as good as I remember it.