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How to Train Your Dragon 2

Steph and I went to AMC Mercado to see the movie.  This was an entertaining movie, but I wouldn’t call it a good movie.  There was too much of a focus on the mom, who ended up not doing anything of importance.  There was also too little focus on who the bad guy was, how he had gotten where he was, and why he was doing what he was doing.  This made for a lot of time spent on things that were cool to see, but didn’t have any overarching plot value, while the major plot points were rushed.  There was also a lot of hangover from the previous movie that made for some awkward points, like the amazing attractive girl no longer being the focus of the other guys.  I enjoyed it, but it isn’t something I would want to see again.

Edge of Tomorrow

I enjoyed the movie.  Before going in Steph found a thread on reddit that suggested the movie was pretty much an analogue for how video games work with die, rinse, repeat.  This was most certainly true as the main character had to get past hard spots in the fighting and memorize specific actions to take as specific points.  The ending was a little off, but that is to be expected.  It seemed like they had one ending, but it didn’t play well since people wanted the main character to live.  I thought he didn’t do nearly enough random goofing off with the ability.  We went to see it at the Mercado AMC 20, with Jeremy, Riley, Wit, and Rong.

Days of Future Past

I liked the movie, even though there were some outlandish things they did.  The new powers that Kitty had were one.  I did like all the epic battle scenes in the future.  I also liked how they did a full reset of the series like was done with Star Trek.  It will be nice to have some of the old characters back, and without a lot of the baggage that they had started with.  I was also excited to see the ending credits scene.  It will be interesting to see if that actually makes it to the next movie.

The Winter Soldier

I like the movie, and while they mention some other super heroes, the did like all the other super hero movies and mainly ignored their existence.  The new hero introduced was a little underpowered, except his ability to survive massive g-forces without blinking.


Stephanie showed me the movie Amelie, and I liked it.  The whole movie was a series of quirks, but it was funny quirks and the story was nice.  I also liked that it didn’t end with everyone in love and getting along.  It seemed more real that way.

The Wind Rises

Steph and I joined Jeremy and his gf for The Wind Rises.  I really enjoyed the start of the movie, but it had a very anticlimactic ending.  It isn’t the kind of movie that I’d want to see again, but it was nice to see once.

The Lego Movie

I really liked the early premise of the movie with certain lego people being master builders that could build things out of any of the legos and if it looked right it would work.  I really liked the way real world objects also came into play.  When it changed over to the real world situation, it lost a little bit of the mystique that it had built up.  I really enjoyed the movie, and it was a great date with Steph.


I really liked the way the movie was unpredictable, but things followed from each other.  It also did away with a lot of the cheesy stuff like true love’s first kiss.  The musical numbers were very forced feeling, and the troll one was just awkward.

Desolation of Smaug

This was a pretty good movie, and they went way off the path of the book in this one.  I was a little upset at how small a part Beorn played, but I suppose he doesn’t really fit in too much to the rest of the story, or the Middle Earth mythos.  I hope they still have him as one of the epic fighters in the final battle sequence.  I really like the parts they added in with Gandalf, as it is really cool to see a lot more of something that was only vaguely referred to in the book.  I went with Jeff and his friends, and enjoyed the experience.

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