Steph had a seminar this past weekend so I had some time for a guys day.  I biked over to Andrew’s place, and took a wrong turn onto Lawrence, making me about 30 minutes late.  I was still there before many of the others.  Brunch was fantastic, with some tasty pancakes from Lindsay, some eggs surrounded by sausage from Adam, and an assortment of other tasty treats from Andrew and Debby.  I brought some nice croissants, and made some of the cheese filled crescent rolls that Steph likes.

After brunch some of Andrew’s workmates joined for a draft, and it was nice to do a 6 person draft instead of the 4 person ones we normally do.  I lost some and won some.  I had a really fun deck, that only needed a few more act of treasons to round it out.  In the entire card pool there was only one copy, despite it being common, and I still got that one.  I had a red/black steal and sack deck.  There was one guy who somehow drafted a mill deck, and he ended up beating a lot of us pretty soundly.

After the MTG we went to Shabuway for dinner where Steph joined us.  I had so many enoki mushrooms and it was gloriously delicious.