Steph took the day off on Thursday and we hung around the house as well as getting a few new plants for the garden.  That evening we joined the others (Lindsay, Debby, Andrew, Kevin) for our flight to LA for the weekend.

We got in a little later than scheduled and checked into a pretty nice Airbnb while Andrew and Debby went to Jen’s place.

The next morning we all met up at Grand Central Market.  Steph and I got some delicious avocado toast, that also had a nice cheese and some cherry tomatoes.  Steph got a grilled cheese sandwich that was pretty tasty as well.  We grabbed our coffees and headed over to The Broad museum.  We were pretty far back in line, but among the first to get callback times for the special exhibit, an infinity room with lights.  It was pretty spectacular.

After The Broad we went to Pizzeria Mozza.  This was a place we had seen on Youtube and Netflix shows and really wanted to try.  It was pretty good, and I think Debby’s breakfast pizza was the best.  After a short rest at the Airbnb we went to Korea Town.  On the way everyone else got mani pedis, while I talked to my parents.  We also stopped by a mall and did a little karaoke while we waited.  We had reservations at a Korean BBQ place, and all ate way too much.  Our clothes also smelled strongly of the meat smoke and had to be quarantined.

The next day we had breakfast again at Grand Central Market, then headed to the next Airbnb in Santa Monica.  We got in a little early so we got some Impossible Burgers at Umami burger.  We ate them in the Airbnb while Debby and Andrew came over.  The burgers weren’t bad, but also not good.  I was pretty tired so I took a one hour nap while the others headed to the beach.

They didn’t spend long there, and we met up on 3rd to do some light shopping before heading to dinner.  We went to an okonomiyaki place and it was delicious.

After dinner we wandered around and got some tasty bread pudding.

Sunday we split up after brunch, some going to the beach again, some going to a VR Star Wars experience.

Steph had to head to the airport for her flight to china, so she didn’t get to participate.  Also we met up with Grant there.  Grant got recognized by one of the people who worked there, and was thanked for his work on Star Wars.

Jen showed me her bunnies, as we stopped by her place to grab Debby and Andrew’s things.