Stephanie and I had lunch with her parents on Saturday, which was nice.  We went to a small place called Lyfe Kitchen in downtown Palo Alto.  This was a nice place with reasonable prices.  The food was tasty and healthy.  The Lees seemed like they were in decent health and happy.

Before lunch we stopped by the chocolate garage.  It was nice to be back, and we finished off the prepaid amount I had put in.  We have a lot of chocolate to make it through now, so we’ll have to find people to share them with.

After Lunch we stopped by home and milk pail, then went to San Carlos for some truffle oil at Olive Crush.  We ended up also getting brined olives and garlic.  They were tastier than any olives I’ve had before, and even Steph liked the olives.  The brined garlic was amazing.  We then stopped by the Redwood Coast Cidery, and had some amazing cider.  Stephanie was nice enough to drive so I could have more than one.  I started out with the Biker’s and then got a KLR.  Both very tasty.