We had dinner at the Creamery and Brewpub in Klymath Falls, OR.  All the beer there was delicious and the food was satisfactory.  After a long day of caving anything would have tasted fantastic.  Nick got the beer tasting and shared it around since he was driving.

After dinner we went to a Minimart where Nick’s Dad works.  He seems like a man that could never retire.  From the sound of it he has plenty of money just not enough to keep him busy.  He seems like an incredibly active man, and I hope to be as active as that when I am his age.

We spent the night at Nick’s mom’s house and drove up to his Dad’s place the next morning.  We stopped by the grocery to get some eggs and berries.  When we got there Nick’s dad made us some pancakes and eggs.

As it was father’s day I called to say hi, and ended up waking them up since they were still in Hawaii.  I was surprised to have woken them since it was already 6:30 where they were.

We got on the road shortly after breakfast, only stopping once around lunchtime.  We took a walk around the sundial bridge, which was pretty accurate as we were only 6 days off from when it is calibrated for.



We then stopped for lunch at a place called Grilla Bites, which was really healthy food.  They also had a Ruth Goldberg Machine that we had to play with.  It had 2 big panels, but also went across the ceiling.