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The Old Wagon Saloon

After the Sabercats game we went to a place called the Old Wagon Saloon.  I met this overly talkative guy names David.  He was sooo over the top, but I have to admit that it was entertaining for a little while.  I don’t think I would want to spend much time around someone that is that loud.  I had 2 Blue Moons while I was there, making the start of the day correlate somewhat with the end of the day.  I finally found the Blue Moon, just not the one I was originally after.

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Suppenkuche with Chris


I went to Suppenkuche with Chris H and Francis.  Chris is pretty much done with his coursework for the PhD and is going to be hanging around SF a lot more.  I will probably go hang out with him and work on PRAINZ some days.  He lives in a nice place in the city and it will be fun to hang out with him.  This will help him keep on topic as well as helping me to keep on topic. (Suppenkuche Site)



The restaurant was really nice, albeit a little expensive.  I got a fabulous mushroom soup and dumpling stuffed roasted chicken with potato pancakes.  I got two different beers and the second was really tasty, but I can’t recall what it is.



After Suppenkuche we got ice cream at a close by shop, Smitten Ice Cream.  I got the salted caramel and it was delicious.  (Smitten Site)


2nd annual meatball invitational

I had a great time at the meatball invitational.  A lot of people ended up coming as well.  Jessica, Caryn, Nima, Simon, Tony, and others showed up for the meatball making.  I served up some tofu pasta that some people liked and otherts thought was a little strange.  I really liked the meatballs and the marinara sauce that Nick made.  I am looking forward to eating a good number of them over the next few months.  I had a good bit of wine, some beer, some cider, and some liquor, but it was spaced out over the whole afternoon and evening.

Old Pro

Last night Steph and I met up with Nima and Caryn at the Old Pro.  We got a couple of appetizers between us, and it was pretty good, but greasy food.  We also had a few drinks and it was a nice time.  Afterwards we went back to Nima and Caryn’s place.  On the way we stopped by Fresh and Easy to get some food for sailing.

Elephant Bar Restaurant

After the martial arts tournament we went to a place called the Elephant Bar Restaurant.  It was a really great atmosphere.  The fans were big waving fans that went back and forth, and there was a wooden elephant head watching us dine.  The food was decent, but I’d be willing to go back just for the atmosphere.  We all got drinks since they had just finished a really tiring tournament, I got a Blue Moon which was really tasty.  Dan was really happy to get his long awaited beer, since he’d been talking about it since the 3rd to last match he had.  All of them were so tired.  I really enjoyed meeting them all (Chris, Dan, Jason, Heidle, Diana, Michael).


Makeup Party


We went over to Adam’s house for a makeup party.  We decided that I would do Stephanie’s makeup and that she would do mine.  I chose to make her look like an egyptian, she chose to make me a two face.


One side of the face has “normal” makeup and the other has “fancy” makeup.


We did this at Adam’s house with Andrew, Jeremy B, and a couple of people I hadn’t met before.  I had a really nice alcohol free diet ginger beer, but I added a little bit of vodka.  Adam also made a drink with lavender syrup.  Adam also served really nice cheese, it was a goat cheese with garlic and herbs.


Holy Grill with Bo

Bo and I talked a lot last night at the Holy Grill, a little burger place just next to Zynga.  I got the diablo burger, which was nice, but a little too fatty.  Bo and I had two beers each and had a pleasant conversation.  It was an interesting conversation where we talked a lot about where we wanted to go with the next stage of our lives.  He is in a pretty tough spot and need to find something relatively stable.  The biggest problem is that he still sees finding a job as giving up on his dreams.  He doesn’t allow for the possibility of going after his dreams while working.  I think once he does have a real job, since he hasn’t held one for any significant time before, that he will see that you can work towards your dreams and work a normal job.  I hope he finds something that allows him to do that, but he may just have to settle for something stable to start out and then work towards the job that supports his dreams.


Steph and I had dinner with Bo at Umami.  Alexey, a guy bo met at the meteor presentation, met us there as well.  I got the palo alto special, late nighter, and it was OK.  The beer was really good, Brother Thelonias.  It had a really rich and unique flavor, with no bitterness.  The bike ride from work was really nice as well, it took about 45 minutes to get to Stanford, but it was a wonderful day.

Sah’tea beer

This is a really tasty beer.  It has tons of spice and isn’t bitter at all.  It is a little too sweet to drink a good bit of it, but when looking for a sipping beer over a little time this is a great choice.

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