Last night I gave Steph her birthday present of a Paint Nite at Willow Street Pizza in Saratoga.  I was doing it as a surprise, and she was guessing what it would be until she saw the canvases in the window of the restaurant.  She really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure she liked the surprise aspect.  The food and drink was good, and we both decided not to just paint the basic painting.  The painting that was taught was more or less what you see below, but the trees in the background weren’t given the red leaves.  I also added in a bit of a sun ray coming into what I made to be a clearing.  Steph and I were doing really well compared to most of the rest of the class.  I also noticed that there were 3 men and 27 women at the paint nite.  The painting on the left is mine and the painting on the right is Steph’s.


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