Steph and I went up to SF to have dinner with Nick at an Ethiopian place near where he lives called “Moya.”  The place looked really nice, but was closed for the long weekend.  I’m guessing it is family run, and when the family is away they just close up.  We drove to a place a little bit away that served Eritrean food.  The difference between Eritrean and Ethiopian is minimal, so we were satisfied with it.  It was hard to tell if the differences were because of the slightly different origins, or from the differences between the two restaurants.  We showed up at the right time, because when we left there was quite a line.  After dinner we stopped by a place near Golden Gate Park called Purple Cow.  It is a tiny boba shop, but some of the best Boba I’ve had.  If I’m ever back close to it I’ll surely stop by for a boba tea.  We then stopped by Nick’s place and played a round of Mario Kart.  The computer won, but just barely.  Nick seems to be liking the city when he takes advantage of it, but as expected he isn’t doing nearly as much there as he had previously expected.

IMG_0878 IMG_0880