We had a good talk and things are looking good, although Liwen got denied his Visa.  Bo thinks it is because Liwen is single, and that makes him a risk for trying to marry for citizenship.  I hope Liwen gets over, as that would make things much easier should it go well.

We grabbed some coffee at Ritual which was very tasty, and the went to BJ’s for dinner.  BJ stands for Burger Joint.  I got the chicken sandwich and a chocolate milkshake, and both were pretty delicious.  After dinner we went back to Ritual and worked a good bit on the wording and messaging of the application.  We talked to an interesting artist girl who made me feel really good about what we were doing, since we actually believe in it and are excited.  She had talked to two businessmen style entrepreneurs earlier yesterday, and they sounded like terrible people who were just trying to get money.