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Redrock with Bo

Bo and I are sitting in Red Rock cafe talking about the possibilities of 3D printing and what it would take to get into that market over a coffee.  We are also taking about how we would apply to Y-Combinator using this idea.  I wonder if it would be possible to set up something quickly in 3.js for quick editing of 3d models.  It might be worth a stab some time in the next few months.

Boba with Bo


Very tasty. Bo got the tea for me

Food Last night

Last night for dinner I had lots of biryani and bolani.  Pretty much everything came from the Palo alto farmer’s market.

I also had a nice cup of Jasmine Pearl White Dragon tea.  It was very nice as always, but I let it steep a little too long and it became somewhat bitter

Monday lunch


Lentils sugar snap peas a piece of naan sprouts and tofu. Smothered in hot sauce. With a coke.

Late lunch


Having a late lunch with pumpkin bolani eggs tomato sauce and sweet jalapeno. Black tea to drink

Tea era milk tea


The jasmine milk tea is delicious


and tea era is a great little shop. I should go here more often

Lunch of curry and snap peas


Very tasty curry but thevtofu hasnt been soaking long enough. I had my normal fruit bowl for breakfast

Indian lunch


Having a coke zero with some saag paneer, masaka, rice, broccoli, and a slice of pesto pizza

More snacks


Got some organic spicy ginger tea. Goldfish and a promax bar.

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