Friday we had a number of people showing up.  I got up and made some amazing french toast from the left over brioche hamburger buns.  They were way better than they had any right to be.  We had a pretty relaxed morning, and waited for Tim and Hannah, then Michelle and Michael to show up before heading off on a hike.  We just went out the back of the house like we did with the first weekend crew, but started the other direction and did a shorter loop.  I think we could have done the longer loop and it would have turned out just fine.

When we got back to the house we started prepping for the tea time. As people rolled in over the evening we had lots of finger foods for them to try.  We ran out of bread, but were able to improvise a pretty good set of dishes.  It was all delicious.

Adam, Tim, and I played some Tapestry.  It was a pretty fun round, with Adam taking the victory.

That evening we broke out Drawful and then Just One for some of the social party games.

Saturday morning I dropped Adam off at the Truckee airport, but it was too bad for him to fly.  He managed to make it back with commercial flights and car rentals.

We then had breakfast and headed to the water to get in.  Unfortunately the rental places weren’t renting because the weather was pretty questionable.  Steph, Tina, and I put together out craft, but as Tina was getting in the pin for her paddle broke.  Steph and I decided to make it a very short paddle and took about 20 minutes to go a little ways along the West side of the lake.  Then we turned around and the wind carried us back to the put in spot.

We then went to a state park to do a short hike.  We found a number of different mushrooms, and when we were most of the way back to the car, I spotted a morel mushroom poking up through the pine needles about 30 feet off the trail.  I got everyone’s attention and they all spread out to find a pretty good haul of morels.

We then went to the Magic Carpet Mini Golf course.  We chose to do the Dinosaur course since it was the most empty.  George took it seriously and ended up winning by one stroke over Paul, who beat Michael by 2.  The course had some great holes, one with a cannon, and another with a spinning disk that had the hole.  There were also some really annoying ones where the hole was up on a plateau or in the middle of a slope that the ball wouldn’t stop on.

George was nice enough to set up his karaoke system, and I embarrassed myself quite a few times.  I was having trouble hitting the high notes more than I had in the past, which just went to show that it had been a long time since we’d done any singing.

More games were had that evening, with a very late game of Mars to cap the evening.  The Mars game was an especially interesting one.  Tim and Tina had powerful engines, and tons of cards.  Myself and Yutong/Paul didn’t play as many cards, but got a lot more points.  I needed one more points per Jovian card to win, as I ended with 8 Jovians.  I also had a microbe card with 25 microbes, which was fun.

Sunday we walked down to the water to see if they were renting or had a pin to fix Tina’s paddle, but no to both.  We had a breakfast then a round of games before lunch.  Right after lunch we did the miracle fruit tasting.  Clarissa said that it didn’t do anything for her, and Paul said it got rid of all his taste.  The rest had the typical reaction of it making sour into sweet.  We did another round of games, including some VR.

We then went to the East side of the lake to watch the sunset over the lake.  It was gorgeous and I made a fool of myself scrambling over the rocks.  We shuffled the cars around a few times because of the 20 minute parking limits, but didn’t end up having any issues there.  We watched the sunset then went back to the house.  I got people to play some Acron, then we had an intense game of Spirit Island with level 5 Prussians plus defending the heart of the island.  I was feeding all of the others with energy, as I had two cards that did that.  I was also able to get a set of inexpensive cards that let me activate my ultimate and do 2 damage to each invader in a single land.  That plus the ability to push invaders around made it a powerful nuke.  The others were also able to do large plays based on all the energy I was feeding them.  I think we had a lot of things go just right, as that combo is supposed to be one of the hardest to play.

Monday we all grabbed what we could.  Lost of left overs were split or thrown out, and we finished with about 30 minutes to spare before checkout time.

I had a fantastic time, and will likely do something like this again for my 40th.