On Tuesday Steph and I went to the Caldor burn scar to look for some morel mushrooms.  We found about a pound, but they were pretty sparse, and there had certainly been someone coming by before us who took the best ones.  We also had a hell of a drive, with large logging crews shutting down sections of the road for long periods.  There were four one way sections for logging.  The area we harvested morels in was a pretty steep hill, which is why we might have found the ones we did.  Most people probably wouldn’t have braved that hill to get the mushrooms.

Adam stuck around past the weekend and we did a hike together around one of the lakes in the Tahoe National Forest on Wednesday.  I wanted to see if there were any morels in that area, and the answer was a definite no.  We did get to see a nice set of waterfalls and some pretty lakes.  The hike also featured two rattlesnakes that rattled at Adam as he approached.  He wasn’t in front the whole time, but he happened to be in front when the rattlesnakes were in the path.  The lakes were interesting in that they had a giant pipe going between them with the lower lake having a power station situated in an isolated spot on the shore.  The pipe was about 8 ft in diameter.  We had to go under it a few times, and each spot had a sign that said “This area may flood with no warning.”  We also tried to take a short cut on the way back, but the bridge had been taken out o the shortcut led to a set of rapids with no wait to cross.  We turned back and went the normal path back.  We could have gone a little off train to cross the stream on a log, but even that would have been a little overly risky.

That evening we went to the restaurant that everyone had recommended, Gar Woods, and the food was good.  I wouldn’t say it was anything special.  It was solid food, decent drinks, but generic fare.

Tina and Amit arrived Wednesday after the cleaners were supposed to clean the house.  There must have been a miscommunication from the host and the cleaners as they didn’t come.  I reached out and they apologized, refunded, and send the cleaners over for a quick clean.  The main thing we wanted was a change of sheets, which they did.

We sat outside by the fire pit while the cleaners cleaned.  It was nice to relax outside and chat. 

Thursday morning I went out on the Lake with Steph, and he wind picked up make us have a pretty hard paddle back to the put in spot.  I was going as hard as I could for about 15 minutes which wore me out a good bit.

Paul and Yutong showed up and we played some Castles and Mars.