I got into Cancun without major issues. The bags took nearly 45 minutes to come out, but that didn’t matter much as Steph was delayed in coming to pick me up at the gas station. She was nice enough to come and get me, which I really appreciated. Puerto Aventuras, where we were staying, is about an hour drive from the airport. She had been diving that day, so I didn’t impact he schedule too much.

I worked Wednesday, and then on Thursday I had a free diving class. We did classroom and pool work that led to me doing a 3:30 static breath hold to pass the class. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was manageable. I’m pretty sure I could have made it a minute or so longer, but it is pretty uncomfortable.

The next day we went to Cenote Maravilla, which has a small opening, but is a single huge open cavern underneath. at about 40m there is a strong hydrogen sulfide layer that is opaque more than cloudy. I was able to get to 20m, which is the deepest they can go in the first class. Rodrigo was a great guide and teacher. He loves talking and was able to demonstrate everything clearly.

We had dinner with Rory and were able to talk Survey Down as well as general diving things that are in the area.

Saturday we did a guided cavern dive with Martin, who is one of the old guard of the are for cave divers. He talked about all the history of cave diving in the area, and how he took a step back when his child was born. We did the Barbie and bat cave lines in Dos Ojos. I’ve done those before, but they are great lines, and open enough for me to be comfortable since it has been a while since I’ve been in an overhead environment while diving. I could tell I was pretty rusty as the tips of my fins were tapping the walls in a few spots. I think a lot of that is that I rest with my legs slightly apart.

Sunday we slept in a bit and then headed to the ruins in Tulum. We walked around the ruins, which were more open and hot than we were expecting. After an hour or so there we headed to Burrito Amor which is a place that has unique burritos and smoothies. They had a lot of the same ingredients in their smoothies as I have, but they added a lot more sweet to make the more palatable to most people.

After the burrito we headed to the very southern tip of Tulum, where we met with Rick who guided us in the mangroves. We started by snorkeling. The area had lots of dead plan material, which would get bubbles from the decomposition and float up until the bubbles popped and it float back down. There were a lot of fish in the lagoon, and I got to do a little freediving again. I used the techniques and was able to stay under for about a minute without any issues.

We then went a little further south into the nature preserve and had a quick picnic before kayaking around the reserve. There were a lot of pretty birds: Blue Herron, Ibis, Magnificent Frigate, Redwing Blackbird, Brown Pelicans, and Cormorants. We kayaked around the mangroves until sunset, and then headed back to the dock before the light went completely. It was a long drive back, and I appreciate all the driving that Steph has been doing on all these small rough roads.

I took Monday to myself while Steph did more diving. I didn’t do all that much, and it was nice to just relax.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning were dedicated to work, but Tuesday evening we did get a dinner with Lexi, which was nice. She is one of the people in the Bay Area that goes to cave dive.

We made it back on Wednesday evening with pretty much no issues, and the kitties were so happy to see us. Irene was great at taking care of them.