Steph and I hosted a succulent planting party that turned into an Oscar watching party as well.  We had Tina, Amit, Adam, Candice, Micah, Riley, and Rong over to plant succulents.  I had a few planters and had bought a number of succulents to plant.  Tina brought over a huge supply of succulents and earthenware that she had made.  We got a a lot of planters replanted and had a great time doing it.  We used up a good amount of the gravel from the planters we made for our wedding as well.  Since it was insanely windy outside, we put down the tarp and table inside.  It worked surprisingly well for catching dirt and only a little bit got of the tarp.

I had a great time and would love to do more crafty get togethers, especially when it involves improving things we already have instead of making more stuff.