Steph was having a diving weekend in Mendocino to kill some purple urchins.  She invited me along for the trip, but I stayed in a little cottage nearby and worked on different projects that day.

Steph was going to kill the purple urchin that had taken over the Norther California coast.  This was caused by the sea stars dying off from a disease when the Pacific there was warmed.  The urchin population explosion then led to the destruction of all the kelp forests.

We headed up early on Friday, and I was able to get a decent amount of work done in the car.  We got to the cabin pretty late, but in time to go to an adorable restaurant for dinner.  We got a great night’s sleep and the next day Steph headed out to the dive.

Afterward her dive we spent some time in the room because it was raining pretty hard at that point.  We used the huge jacuzzi tub and hung out until it was about dinner time.  We headed to an Airbnb that some of the other divers were renting.  We had dinner and drinks there before heading back to the cabin.  Steph decided not to dive on Sunday, and we just headed straight home.