I decided I would visit Stephanie since she had some advance knowledge of when she would be in Hong Kong.  I got the tickets before she had exact days so I got there a day and a half early.  The flight was pretty long, but I got really lucky and there wasn’t anyone in the middle seat.  The sunrise out the window was also very pretty.

The train ride to downtown was also pretty.  I went to the hotel and dropped off my bags before heading up to the peak.  I walked around, as they had a really nice path that nobody else was on, and then grabbed some dumplings at one of the restaurants in the peak viewing building. The tram ride up and back was also very nice.  I was surprised how much undeveloped land there was so close to such a huge city.

That evening I took the ferry to another area.  I walked along the waterfront and grabbed some peking duck pizza.  I somehow got the table right next to the water, and right at sunset.  I got to watch the ferries and boats, as well as a pretty impressive thunder storm go through.

As I finished dinner and went home, the rain stopped.  I made it back just before the rain started again.

The next morning I decided to watch a few videos on where to wander around and they recommended an area called Mong Kok.  I went there for breakfast/lunch and got some of the egg waffle, boba, and some delicious soup dumplings.

I got the 8 flavor combo, as well as an extra order of the garlic, of course.

I then headed to the gondola on Lantau Island.  It was an amazing view, and it led to a really fascinating area, with a giant Buddha statue, a few really nice walking paths, and a monastery.

I took the train back and got to the station as the sky opened.  Again once I got off the train and had to walk the rain had stopped and I got to the hotel to pick up my back and meet up with Steph without issue.  That is where my luck ran out.  On the walk to the Ritz Carlton it rained pretty hard.  There were a lot of sections of the trip that were above ground and uncovered.  I probably should have taken the subway to the building, but I was unaware of exactly where the Ritz was, as it’s location on google maps wasn’t quite right.

I got there about half an hour before Steph and waited in the lobby.  She showed up, and we checked in.  I met the contractors she works with, and we all headed to dinner at an Indian restaurant that she knew.  The food there was pretty good, and we had a good conversation.  I was pretty tired, and they also talked a lot about work, so I didn’t contribute all that much to the conversation.  We headed back to the room and each got a nice soak in the luxurious tub.  The view from the room was amazing.


The next morning we had breakfast with Steph’s coworkers and headed to PMQ with them.  We got to PMQ way too early, and wandered around for a bit.  We found a cute little temple, and Steph put out some incense.  We had a brunch at Yum Cha, and then went back to PMQ for some shop browsing.

We then went to the tailor so Steph could try on her shirts, and we found a place close by for some congee.  It was fantastic.

We went back to the hotel before dinner to relax a little.  Steph and I went to the pool area, and it was a very nice pool and hot tub.  They also had all sorts of sauna and relaxation equipment in the changing room areas.  Had the clouds and fog not been there I’d expect the view to have been amazing.  After relaxing we went to dinner at a Thai place Steph knew of.  We were all tired at that point so we went back and went to sleep pretty early.

The next morning Steph and I grabbed breakfast, then she went to the spa for a few hours.  When she was done with the spa we had high tea in the restaurant in the lobby.  It was very nice.

We then went back to the room to cuddle for a while, and watch some Netflix.  We then went out to dinner at a Ramen place with Trevor.  The food was amazing and it was the same chain as the restaurant we ate at in Japan, Ichiran.  They had the same style concentration booth.  We then went to Glo Station, a multiplayer VR room.  It wasn’t the puzzle room that was promised, but a wave shooter.  We lost on the boss, as we didn’t actually know what we were supposed to be shooting at.  It was a great time despite losing and it not being what we expected.  The set up was also really well done with the multi person tracking.

The next morning I had the last breakfast with everyone as they were about to head back to the factory, and I was going to airport that afternoon.

This was a good trip, and I was happy to spend so much of it with Stephanie.