Stephanie and I went to Atlanta for Jeff and Katie’s wedding.  I got there a few days earlier than her, and spent some time with the family.  The original plan was to spend time in Birmingham to see Nana, but that fell through as planning for the wedding took precedence.  We ended up walking around a bit and I helped around with random chores.  I cleaned my parents porch and helped Jeff install a ceiling fan.

We went to the rehearsal on Friday evening, and it was a pretty relaxed affair.  We walked around a lot.  Mitch, Katie’s brother, and I walked around the most, as we were seating lots of family members.  We then went to the rehearsal dinner, and it was delicious, but loud in the small room.  Stephanie landed and I grabbed some leftovers for her.  I managed to time it perfectly with getting to the hotel as she was checking in.  We had an early night as we were both pretty tired.


The next morning I let her sleep in as I had to get to the groomsman activities.  We met up at 11 at Jeff’s hotel room and watched a sports game.  I felt a little like the odd man out, but it was still a good time.  We got to the venue right on time, and I stole a bit of time to talk to Nana and say hi to Fred.  I had made a silly birthday card for Nana, which was a popup flower.  The wedding was gorgeous, and everything went well.  We did lots of pictures afterwards.  Stephanie was tired at the reception, so we went outside and sat on the porch.  She took a nap in a rocking chair while I participated in the garter toss.  It went much better than last time.  Not only did I not get a black eye, but I caught the garter.

The next day we went to the botanical gardens and had some tasty chocolate.  There were a few stations spread around serving different chocolate things.  My favorite was a chocolate cheese, which was surprisingly good.  I took Steph to the airport, and on the way we stopped by Holman and Finch and the High Museum.

Monday was interesting, as Irma was coming through Atlanta.  The power went out in the early afternoon, and it stayed out until lunchtime Tuesday.  Nothing too exciting happened when the power was out, and when we drove around on Tuesday morning, we saw that much of Atlanta was without power.  There weren’t too many trees down, but a whole lot of branches were down.

Wednesday I helped Kim with some packing, then Levi Lowrey came by and got a guitar from my dad.  They played a bit together, and Levi played some on his new guitar as well.

I got the airport with plenty of time to spare, since the traffic was lighter than expected, and the line at security was less than five minutes.  I was soooooo ready to get back home after nearly a month of travelling.


Back in Redwood City, my kitties were happy to see me.  Steph was too.