Stephanie and I decided to take a class in seaweed harvesting.  We had to get up to Jenner by 6am, so we instead decided to get there the night before and stayed at a cute inn.  We were only there for sleeping, but I would go back.

The harvesting was interesting and there were three types of seaweed that the guide pointed out as good for harvesting.  We got one bag of kombu and three bags of nori.  I am trying some in a smoothie tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

We were at Shell Beach and it was quite nice.  We got there at 6am because that was the low tide time.  We got a good bit of time out in the tidal zone.  It was very slippery and I hit my shin pretty badly, but didn’t bleed that much.

After the harvesting we went to wine country and had tastings at two wineries.  They were both gorgeous locations, and the wines were pretty good.

We then went to Berkeley to get pizza at the Cheeseboard.  It was delicious, and I’m glad I can now say I’ve been.  We then went to the cat cafe Cat Town.  I got to play with two of the cats there, but most of them were napping while we were there.  We headed out a little early, and got home.  I was tired from all the travel.  It had been less that 24 hours since I’d gotten home from visiting parents that we left on this trip.