Monday morning I headed to the airpot at 5:30 to get to SJC for the flight to the big island.  I got in early so I called Kim for a bit before mom and dad came to get me.

We went into Kona and got a brunch at a really nice bakery/cafe.  Then headed back to the timeshare to sit around and talk.  I got some exercise in, and we went to the Kings shop for dinner to Roy’s.

Tuesday mom and I went to Pololu Valley.  It was gorgeous and we had a good chat on the way there and while we were there.  Surprisingly we were the only people in the Valley.  There were a few leaving as we got there and getting there as we were leaving, but while in the valley we were the only people there.

After that we went to Havi and had a smoothie and I got a hat.  Most of the places there weren’t open so we came right back.  Dad called as we were pulling into the Waikaloa Village, so we picked him up and went back to the timeshare.

We took naps and had a relaxing afternoon.  I went down to Abay and walked along the beach for a bit.  I didn’t see any turtles in the area where they had usually hung out when I was there as a kid.

We went to dinner at the Four Seasons at a restaurant called Ulu.  It was ok food, but the main reason we were there was for the view:


They are on the side of the island that gets the really amazing sunsets over the ocean.

The next morning we went to a state park to try to hike a cinder cone we can see from the timeshare.  The distances are deceiving when looking up the mountain.  When we go to the cinder cone it turned out to be a 2000ft elevation gain to hike up.  We made it about 1000ft up before we turned back and took a loop near the base of it.  It was still a really nice hike regardless.

We then went to a snorkling site called two steps.  It was a nice dive and we got to see a lot of fish.  The corals weren’t great, but from what mom said it was better than anywhere else on the island.  We had lunch on the way back and decided to rest for the afternoon.  We ate dinner in and played a round of cards.

The final morning we had a breakfast of all the leftover food, and I made a smoothie for while I waited at the airport.  It should be a pretty easy flight back and I’m looking forward to getting home.