Stephanie and I went back to the north bay this weekend.  This time we went to Point Reyes and Calistoga.  We had a pretty good time with both.

The drive to Point Reyes wasn’t that bad.  We got there at about 11am, and started the backpacking in at 11:30 abouts.  We were there with Caryn, Nima, Liana, Ryan, and some other of Liana’s friends and family.  They were all a lot of fun.  It was for Liana’s birthday celebration.  We backpacked about 5 miles into the Glen Camp, which was nestled in a quiet valley.  The day we hiked in we decided to head down to the beach.


Only Wilson and Jess got in the water all the way.  A few others of us got our feet wet, but 50 degree water isn’t at all comfortable.  The wind was pretty strong, so even out of the water most people were getting pretty cold.  We didn’t want to stay too late as we had a 2-3 mile hike back to Glen Camp.

We got back and played some Bang! that Nima had brought.  It was a good time, but I did really badly.  Either way it was a good time.


The next morning 8 of us packed out, leaving Nima, Caryn, Liana, and Ryan.  I really enjoyed everyone that went, and I’d certainly do it again.

From there Stephanie and I went to Calistoga, with a stop by Heydrun Meadery on the way.  We had a nice dinner in a spot that Stephanie picked out, then stopped by a local brewpub on the way back to the hotel.  The hotel was adorable, with an outdoor fireplace.

We roasted smores over the fire and cuddled for a bit.  I went inside to listen to my book while Steph stayed out by the fire and read.

We stopped by a Spa the next day for some hot spring waters and a massage, which was nice.