As of about a week ago, I’m no longer employed.  I’m not going to get into details here, but thought I’d record that.  As anyone who reads this blog, you’ll know I don’t talk about work very often on it.  This is an exception to that stance.

I was thankful to have worked with the people at Rocket Games/ Rocket Speed.  It was an exciting experience, and I plan to stay friend with all of them.  I also look forward to working with any of them again in the future.  They are all absurdly good at what they do.

For me, I’ll be going off into VR land.  I’ve been tinkering in VR for over a year, but it is time to get serious.  I have a multiplayer FPS stood up, but it still needs a lot of work before it is ready to release.  Here are some small gifs of what I’ve got so far: