18582015_733048330200543_5558899488449252946_nFor my actual birthday I wanted to do a paint nite.  I chose a more advanced one and invited a few people that had gone with us before.  Irene was the only one able to make it.  We were doing a hummingbird painting.  The example and walkthrough were of a highly stylized hummingbird, but Steph and I went way off script.  Steph did a style of her own, and based it closely on a real hummingbird.  I decided to make it as real looking as I could, and got pretty close.  Irene’s looked like a hummingbird made of fire and silk.  All of them were very different and pretty.  We had Irene back to our place to see if we could get the fire pit to work (the previous attempts had failed).  We managed to get it working and had a great conversation for nearly two hours just sitting around the fire.  We roasted some marshmallows and warmed our feet when it started to get chilly.  I really enjoyed the evening and would love to have more like it.2002685245482076502-account_id=1