I came to Vegas to meet up with two groups of people.  Former coworkers, and our games group.

I got in Thursday night a little after midnight, and just grabbed a hotel near the airport.  The next morning I spent working out of a Starbucks, and then went to meet up with Brian, his wife Albe, Darren, and his wife Grace.  We went to an escape room, and crushed it!  Albe and Brian are escape room designers, so they meta gamed it a lot.  I was helpful with the pattern recognition as I usually am, but didn’t do much past that.  I did cheat on the final puzzle, but we fixed that really quickly.

We then went to meet up with the rest of the Rocket crew at a sports bar so they could watch the last of the basketball game.  I met the new Rocket folks, but the new artist left pretty quickly.  I had a great time talking to Kate the new engineer.

We went to the Hofbrauhaus, and got drinks and food.  It was a good time, but I had a little too much.  They do the liters of beer there, and I had two, plus a shot and a spanking.

Many of the Rocket people went out to gamble and party afterwards, but Myk and I went back to the house and went to sleep.

The next morning I showed them what I had been working on, and they thought it was going in a good direction.

I went to hang out with the other friend group, but they were playing poker.  I ended up reading a good bit of Stephan’s book while waiting for them to finish, so the time was decently well spent.

Adam, Debby, and I grabbed a drink.  I got a call from Steph, so I went to meet her at the MGM, so we could check in and drop our bags off.  We joined back up with Adam and Chebby.  The others came down, and Andrew finished poker, so we got dinner at Five 50 pizza.  It was pretty tasty.  Andrew and Chebby called it a night, but the rest of us went to the Cosmopolitan to see about a speak easy.  They turned Kevin away for flip flops, but he didn’t miss out on much.  That had to be the loudest speak easy, and not from music.  The acoustics of the place were horrific, and the chatter noise made it hard to hear the person next to you.  After that we went back for the evening.

The next day we met up with Adam, Andrew, and Debby at the Wicked Spoon for brunch.  Most of the dishes were good, but some were lackluster.  I really enjoyed the crab and avocado, and the beat and arugula.  Unfortunately those were the last dishes I found, so I only had one of each.  We then went to the Venetian for a spa day.  The spa was impossible to find, but with some help from a nice security guy we found it.  Steph and I got a couples massage, and decided to hang out in the spa until we needed to leave for the airport.

We randomly ran into Lindsay and Kevin, and had a chat with them before their flight took off.  All in all it was a pretty great trip.