We had a great time Tuesday evening when we had people over to our new place for a time around the fire pit.  There were a few bumps in the road, but nothing too bad.  Dana said we couldn’t use the pit, but we had already checked with Ramone.  Some people called to complain about the noise, but we weren’t being bad, it was before quiet hours, and we weren’t playing music or anything like that.  We got to meet some of the other residents of the complex and they were pretty cool.  We had a good number of people come by including Nima, Caryn, Liana, Ryan, Andrew, Debby, Jeremy, Brian, Adam, Kevin, and Lindsay.  We met Tory and Gi.  It was a great time, and had some delicious drinks and delicious food.  There were some good baked potatoes, salad, and meat.  I didn’t have any smores, and we have a lot of them left, so we will have to have another small fire.  We still have a bit of wood too.