I really enjoyed the opening of the season on game of thrones.  Steph and I took Caltrain to the city and went to Nick’s place.  I chose the one big hill instead of the three small hills, but Steph wasn’t pleased.  The food at Nick’s was really good as always.  We brought some misir wot and shiro wot.  People tried the misir wot, but by the time we got there everyone had pretty much finished eating.  We tried to stream the show from HBO, but the quality of the stream was terrible.  We ended up downloading a version of it and that was much better.  We didn’t really check when the last train was, assuming it would be after 10, it was actually at 9:15.  We grabbed a nearby zipcar and took that home.  We chose one that could fit both bikes in the back, and I just brought it back in the morning.