After settling in at the hotel Adam and Nick went to the bar on the corner Cozy House. Steph and I joined them followed by Jeremy. We had some drinks and food since we didn’t get much of a lunch.
Everyone got dinner at a small place near our hotel and it was really tasty. After that we split up with Adam staying behind to rest. Jeremy walked with us for a bit but left before we did anything.
We walked the three or so blocks to Khaosan Road and it was interesting. There were two main streets with Khoisan itself being super commercialized and the secondary street being the backpacker paradise. We had a hard time finding the previously booked hotel but we eventually found it down on of the smaller alleys. It was rather nice and decently quite since it was half a block from the main areas.
Steph, Tina, Nick, Amit and I had tea at a cute tea shop called Moka and then Steph Nick and I got foot massages.
I went back to the room and Steph, Nick, Amit, and Tina played poker at a Cozy House bar.