We got going a little earlier than needed to get to the flight to Bangkok and it was good that we did. The first thing we ran into was that a power line was sagging on the one road over the mountain. This caused a big backup but we got through relatively quickly. The second issue was that I thought Nick had gotten the flight with miles and he thought I had reserved all internal flights. He was able to get on a flight leaving 40 minutes before ours.
We played poker while waiting again and I got very lucky with the cards. The flight was painless but we had to bus in from the landing and the bags took a long time to show up. Nick got a van and we headed off for the hotel. Like in Pukhet we changed hotels to somewhere nicer and more quiet. We had planned on staying in Khaosan Holiday and switched to Nouvo City Hotel.
To get there we ended up driving by some of the royal buildings. There had been protests going on and the government made three military protected areas of the city. We ended up driving through one on the way to the hotel. It was amazing the lengths they went through to protect these areas.

In the lobby at Nouvo City Hotel