I woke up early this morning at about 7:30. I got a lot of stuff uploaded and then got a message from Adam that he was at the canal cafe. I went to join him and Steph slept in. I got to the cafe and there was a special on Thai coffee and tea. We took advantage of it until they were completely out of both. I then stopped by the tailors for blue jeans and ordered two pair. Adam and I took a walk down to Khaosan road and then got a message from Nick that he was up and wanted to go to the weekend market that has 15000 shops. At one shop per second it would take over 4 hours to go through. We stopped by the hotel and I took Steph to the tailors so she could get some jeans. Her ear was hurting so we left her behind to find a travel clinic and Adam, Nick and I went off to the market.