This is a combination of worker placement, mafia, and voting mechanics.  I think this is what all mafia/werewolf/avalon style games should strive to be like.  Instead of the players being the people that are on trial there is a group of villagers that the players are overseeing as inquisitors.  Some of the inquisitors are werewolves, but they are immune to being persecuted as inquisitors.  Each turn the players can get help from one of the surviving villagers and try to further their goal.  For the werewolf inquisitors it is to have more werewolves than other villagers at any point.  For the normal inquisitors it is to kill off the werewolf villagers, and you can worry about the werewolf inquisitors later I suppose.  The way it plays out is really nice, because even after you know who the werewolves are the hidden information of the villagers keeps the game interesting and alive.  Only when you get down to the last few places does the action become mostly deterministic, but that is supposing you already know who the werewolf inquisitors are.  This is a must play for anyone who likes mafia/werewolf/avalon style games.

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