This game was a lot of fun for me since I was able to munchin a lot before the event happened, and when it did I was in a really good position to do most of the work beating it.  I managed to get the exact items that were needed in order to complete the mission, and some items that made it really hard for Steph to try to stop me from doing things.  Steph became the spider queen, and was doing a decent job at it.  She didn’t realize that she could try to steal things, so she was fighting us off without much of a chance of winning.  She also let us heal a lot, and that made all the difference in the end.  There were a few times that she had the chance to do some killing blows, but passed on them to hit someone who wasn’t too badly damaged yet.  The game went relatively smoothly with only the kid characters dying( Chris and Brian).  Nick was the one who got caught in the web, and I was able to do most of the cutting to get him out, cured him of the eggs, and unlocked the front door.  After that Nick, Andrew, and myself made it out of the house.  I like the game and would play it again, but we should really go about it a bit quicker, and have some turn timers so that people can’t get too involved in the analysis of their position.

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