This is a really fun game, but it has a few sticking points.  The main mechanic is to snipe the last hit on a boss.  This is made harder when people are constantly stepping in and tripping you as you try to land that final blow.  That makes the game a little bit like the munchkin leader killing that can easily happen in that game, but a bit more subtle.  Each character has a slightly different special ability, and if you actually help someone out you can get extra points for it.  These extra points are what won me the game, as I had 5 points for healing others and 2 points for taking damage for someone else.  I also was able to snipe 2 of the monsters giving me 19 points total.  Brian and Nick each had 12, Andrew had 10, and I don’t remember Adam’s total.  I really like the building up the characters, and the attacking.  The sniping and randomness from the cards is frustrating at times, and something that I don’t like as part of games in general.  When your amazing turn can be countered by a single card it isn’t fun anymore.

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